March 27. 2014 4:19PM

Another delay: Obamacare on the fly


This week's Obamacare delay was number 38, per The Wall Street Journal's count. It is hard to keep up, in part because there are so many delays and exemptions, and in part because the administration endlessly lies about them and the law.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said "No, sir" when asked by a member of Congress during a hearing whether the March 31 enrollment deadline would be extended. She said that not last year, but earlier this month. Last October she claimed that the rollout problems stemmed from the law mandating that signups begin Oct. 1. In fact, as the Associated Press pointed out, the law did not set that date, she did.

The administration's misdirections and deceptions are legion and why National Review editor Rich Lowry this week delightfully dubbed Sebelius "the Bagdhad Bob of health insurance."

At this point, why bother passing laws at all? Why not send Congress home for the next two years and let the President run the country at will? To govern with his pen, unencumbered by the will or resistance of the people, is what Obama desperately wants. If it is OK for him to do that with Obamacare, why not with the rest of the federal government? What is the limiting principle that would apply to everything else but Obamacare? If Obama's apologists cannot answer that question, maybe they should rethink their uncritical support.