May 18. 2014 3:33PM

Joe McQuaid's Publisher's Notebook: Marmaduke's back — and so's Seinfeld


MARMADUKE has returned and now Bizarro is in the dog house.

If I had any sense, I would stay Close to Home.

For fans of the comics page, and there are many such devotees, you know those names as titles of comics.

And you know how attached some of you are to your favorites, and how much you detest those that you don’t favor.

Overall, I think our newspaper has done pretty well with our choices over the years, giving the daily page and Sunday page, a lot of variety.

My personal faves include Pickles, which is big with older readers. Hey, wait, what does that make me?

I decline to read Apartment 3G, which moves along at the speed of cold molasses and whose residents seem not to have changed their hairstyles since Hector was a pup.

If there are still Apartment 3G fans out there, I need to hear from you or we may stop paying rent on the place.

I was surprised how many fans piped up when we swapped out Close to Home as a test in favor of Bizarro. Turns out, while they are both panels about offbeat humor, they are like night and day.

I thought we could save them both by dumping Marmaduke, but its fans seem to be as thick as ticks on a hound.

Bizarro could make a comeback, if 3G readers don’t rally to Margo and her pals soon.

Which still leaves me wondering what to do with Mike. Mike isn’t a cartoon, although he sometimes cracks me up. Mike is the middle grandson, in between Ike, and Spike.

Lately, Mike has been acting like Jerry Seinfeld when Kramer was encouraging Jerry to join in the communal hugs and kisses in the lobby of their apartment building.

Jerry refuses. “Not doing the kiss hello thing anymore,” Jerry says. “Nothing personal.”

Mike is now following his lead.

You ask the kid for a hug and he waves a finger at you and says, “No, no, no!”

It has become something of a family game trying to get a hug out of the kid. His grandmother has been using outright bribery, to no avail.

But I’m not playing. If Mike doesn’t want to hug, fine by me. No offense taken.

Of course, when it comes to the reading of the will, well, then he might be wishing he’d hugged the old man.

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