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Marital problems, money woes are motive in Nashua murder-suicide, report says

New Hampshire Union Leader

May 29. 2014 1:41PM

NASHUA - A local dentist jammed bloodied bedding, pillows and other items into his wife's car inside their garage last summer, apparently intending to burn the incriminating evidence, but was interrupted by his two daughters, who arrived to check on his and his wife.

At that moment, Dr. Reginald Danboise, 67, decided to go to his woodworking shop in the back yard of his 17 Middle Dunstable Road home and hang himself. Authorities later would find the body of his wife, Mary Danboise, 64, in her bed, covered with a blanket. She had been brutally beaten and stabbed twice in the chest.

The information is contained in a three-page report issued Thursday by the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office concerning the July 12 murder of Mrs. Danboise and her husband's suicide the following morning. It says marital discord, possibly over finances, as well as potentially Mrs. Danboise wanting a divorce, were the motives for Mr. Danboise killing his wife.

Police were called to the home just before 8 a.m. on July 13 after Mr. Danboises' daughters went to the house to check on their father and his wife, Mary. The night before, Mr. Danboise had stopped by each of his daughter's homes, leaving each a short note and a substantial check, according to the report.

Because what he did was unusual, both tried to reach him by phone that night but he did not answer. The next morning, the two daughters decided to go to Nashua and check on their father and his wife, the report states. The daughters were Mr. Danboise's children from a previous marriage, while Mrs. Danboise also had two children from a prior marriage.

When the daughters got to the house, neighbors also arrived. After a cursory search of the first floor and not being able to find the couple, police were called.

Officers searched the home and the outbuildings. They found Mrs. Danboise dead in her bed in the master bedroom. Blood was spattered on the wall and ceiling and on other locations, and there were signs someone had tried to clean up the blood from the crime scene, the report states.

Police found Dr. Danboise dead, hanging from the ceiling in the "substantial woodworking shop" in the back yard.

According to the report, the couple's cars were parked inside the attached garage. The front of Mrs. Danboise's car was filled with so many items it would prevent anyone from getting in and driving it. Among the items were pillows and bedding stained with blood, bloody paper towels, computers and related hardware and paperwork including some related to the Danboises' estate. Only a printer was on the back seat.

There was nothing unusual about Dr. Danboise's car, although police found a red plastic gasoline container on the garage floor just to the left of its trunk. According to the report, the gasoline container appeared out of place, based on the location and condition of other items in the garage and house.

"Given all the items in Mary Danboise's car, it is possible that Reginald Danboise was going to use the gasoline to set fire to the items in Mary's car," the report says.

Based on the conditions of the bodies and other evidence, investigators said it appears Mary Danboise was killed on Friday, July 12, and that Mr. Danboise tried to clean up the blood evidence in the house and potentially prepared to set fire to the property.

"It also appears that Reginald was likely alive and in the house when his daughters showed up on Saturday morning," according to the report. "Once he realized his daughters were there, he apparently went out a back door to the house, into his wood shop, where he hung himself."

Nashua police spoke to many witnesses who knew the couple. Almost all said their relationship appeared good, with no apparent issues. However, one witness told investigators Mary Danboise talked with her about problems she had with her husband. She said Danboise had a drinking problem and had tried to kill himself a year earlier.

Another witness told police Mrs. Danboise was unhappy, the relationship was a constant high and low and that the couple constantly argued, mostly about money.. At one point in the past, things turned physical and Mr Danboise grabbed and pushed his wife, the report states. The two also had talked of divorce in the past and about a year earlier, Mrs. Danboise had gone to an attorney to get information about filing for a divorce. Her husband had no knowledge of that meeting, according to the report.

The couple lived at the Middle Dunstable Road home for more than 15 years, according to investigators.

Danboise has been active in the dental community for more than 30 years and previously worked in a private practice in Boston for more than a decade before opening his office in Nashua.

Mrs. Danboise also had been involved in dentistry for about 25 years, working as a dental assistant and specializing in prosthetics, general and oral surgery.

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