June 05. 2014 8:17PM

Two former Meat House locations re-opening under new management

Union Leader Correspondent

BEDFORD — The Wine’ing Butcher plans to open at two former Meat House locations in Bedford and Pembroke just in time for July 4 celebrations.

“They’re great locations,” said owner Robert Smith. “They were probably the two premiere stores of the Meat House.”

The Meat House closed its Bedford, Pembroke, Portsmouth and Stratham locations earlier this year.

The Bedford and Pembroke locations provided a good service the community and he wants to fill that void, Smith said.

He admits there may be some hurdles to overcome with customers who had a bad experience at the locations when they were under Meat House management, but he said he believes people will give the new ownership a chance.

They will find the Wine’ing Butcher provides a quality product, Smith said. The company uses a different method for processing steak tips and customers will see and taste the difference, he said. He rates his product on the three T’s – taste, texture, and tenderness, Smith said.

The store will be fully stocked with meat, wine, cheese, fruit, vegetables and beverages, he said. The meat is a high-quality product that will cost more a bit more than the local grocery store, but other items will be comparable with supermarket prices.

Some former staff members, including the former general manager of the Bedford location, are coming to work for the new company, Smith said.

Experienced employees will be an asset the company, Smith said.

He estimated that the Meat House employed about 10 to 15 people at each location. So far two or three have committed to working for the new company, he said.

“This will give us an opportunity to get quite a few people back to work,’ Smith said. “This is how you get the economy going, with small business.”

He plans to open other locations once the Pembroke and Bedford stores are up and running well with the Wine’ing Butcher’s other locations.