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Havenstein, GOP governor candidate, asks NH Ballot Law Commission to rule on his residency

BY GARY RAYNO New Hampshire Union Leader
June 11. 2014 2:21PM

CONCORD — Republican gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein jumped ahead of his opponents Wednesday and filed a petition to have the Ballot Law Commission determine his residence.

Democratic Party officials have claimed he does not meet state residency requirements because he lived in Maryland as recently as 2012.

They say Havenstein took advantage of a homestead property tax credit available only to Maryland residents, registered a vehicle in that state and held a Maryland driver’s license.

Havenstein, who officially filed to run in the Repbublican gubernatorial primary Wednesday, released his petition to the Ballot Law Commission in which he claims he maintained his New Hampshire residency since he moved to Bedford in 1999, although he lived temporarily in Maryland through 2012.

Havenstein said he wants to end any uncertainty or confusion over his official domicile and his eligibility to run for governor.

“Rather than wait for frivolous complaints, I want to get this clarified as quickly as we can,” Havenstein said. “I’m 100 percent confident there will be no issue with my eligibility.”

For the last 15 years he has lived in New Hampshire, he said, and voted only in New Hampshire.

“I am a proud, proud resident of this State of New Hampshire,” he said.

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