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Another View -- Dennis Clouthier: This veteran is appalled by the Bergdahl deal

June 15. 2014 10:35PM

AS A MILITARY veteran who served honorably during Vietnam and whose son served in Afghanistan, I am absolutely appalled by the recent prisoner swap for Bowe Bergdahl, as all Americans should be. Does the administration not care about the U.S. soldiers who fought and died to search out and capture these five terrorist leaders who engineered and carried out unprovoked attacks on our country and who are all sworn to continue attacking our country?

President Obama has disgraced the memories of our soldiers and guaranteed future attacks upon the U.S. Now that the world’s terrorists know this administration will trade for their captured leaders, does Obama not think they’ll set out to repeat the process? Does Obama not think the terrorist leaders he released will attack us again? Does Obama not care about the potentially thousands of innocent Americans these terrorists will probably engineer the murder of?

Regarding Bowe Bergdahl, one of two things is true: either he’s a deserter, in which case he should have been left in Afghanistan, or he was a POW. If he really was a POW, he should have been rescued by an extraction team, using all the might and killing all the enemy necessary to do so, sufficient to put fear in their hearts and prevent the taking of another hostage. Under no circumstances should there have been a swap. That was the most dangerous possible resolution.

I fear that Obama has begun his agenda to “close down Guantanamo Bay,” as was his stated agenda during his campaign for his first term. I fear he’s going to find excuses to release all of those enemies of our country that so many have fought and died to capture to keep our country safe. I fear that we’ll see all of the terrorists at Gitmo released before Obama’s term ends, and I fear thousands more Americans will die as a result. Obama no longer cares about public opinion and is moving forward with his agenda of six years ago, with total disregard for the cost.

Two years from now our country will be a mess. Our health care system will have been destroyed, our enemies will be attacking us on our own soil, our citizens will be the ones whose thoughts and actions are closely monitored while the terrorists will all have been freed, our IRS system will be used to harass and punish those who oppose the liberal agenda, Russia and China will have grown their militaries and their power while ours will have been gutted, our economy will be dead, and out nation’s deficit will have grown to a point no country could ever possibly pay off. Our taxes will have grown just to service our debt interest.

On top of that, we’ll have zero influence on the world’s stage. Russia has made a fool of this administration and now so has the Taliban. We’ve hung Israel out to dry by allowing Iran to continue refining nuclear fuel (Iran made a fool of us too). We insulted the president of Libya by pretending the attack on Benghazi was a protest gone out of control after he publicly (and accurately) announced it as a terrorist attack, we’ve done nothing to go after the terrorists that attacked our embassy and murdered our ambassador, we’ve alienated the prime minister of Canada by refusing to allow a necessary oil pipeline that would be much safer and less expensive than the trains now used to transport oil, and we’ve clearly lost our leadership position with Britain, who no longer follows our leads.

Dennis Clouthier is a Vietnam veteran from Allenstown.

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