July 15. 2014 9:46PM

Naming rights discussed for new Salem pavilion

Union Leader Correspondent

SALEM — Fundraising efforts are continuing for a proposed new $450,000 pavilion at Hedgehog Park.

Last month, selectmen saw the initial plans for the structure, which will include a roofed picnic area, restrooms, storage, and a concession stand.

The board also gave the OK to the town’s Recreation Advisory Committee to begin the fundraising efforts necessary to fund the structure.

Those fundraising efforts will likely include giving out naming rights for the pavilion to any entity willing to pay at least a quarter of the cost of the project, according to parks and recreation director Chris Dillon.

In June, selectmen discussed if the naming rights would be for a specified time period such as a decade, or if they would be in perpetuity.

At Monday night’s board meeting, Selectmen Chairman raised the possibility of someone willing to donate more than a quarter of the cost of the project.Hargreaves said he had a conversation with someone who asked if those naming rights were more likely to extend past the 10 years if a larger portion of the cost of the project was donated.“If someone wants to give a substantial amount of money, I say why not?” said Hargreaves.

Several other selectmen said they were willing to have that discussion if someone was willing to step up and pay for a substantial portion of the project.

At the selectmen’s meeting in June, Selectman Everett McBride said he would also like to see a lower maintenance material used for the pavilion siding than the initially proposed cedar siding.

On Monday night, Dillon said the architect is now proposing a fiber cement siding that would be similar in price to vinyl siding.“My only concern is the low maintenance,” said McBride. “That works for me.”The new structure will replace a 900 square-foot building from the 1970s that is currently at the park.

The pavilion is the third phase of a four phase master plan for the park that was created in 2008.

The first phase was the addition of a skate park and additional gravel parking and the second phase was the addition of some new playground equipment and the extension of the beach at Hedgehog Pond, according to Dillon.

The new structure will be larger than the current one, since it will include a large roof over the picnic area.