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Newt's silence: Hemingway's missing endorsement

August 30. 2014 7:13PM

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich gives his speach at the Executive Court Banquet facility in Manchester on Thursday evening. Gingrich was a guest speaker at the 33rd Bobby Stephen's St. Patrick's Day Celebration. (Bruce Preston / Union Leader)

Andrew Hemingway's claim to fame is to have been Newt Gingrich's New Hampshire campaign manager and national digital fundraising director during the 2012 presidential primary.

Gingrich, famously loyal to his former staffers, has neither endorsed Hemingway nor donated to his campaign. Nor will he.

In Georgia's 1st Congressional District, former Gingrich staffer John McCallum ran in the Republican primary this year. Gingrich wrote McCallum a glowing endorsement and cut a video for him. In Hemingway's primary, there has been only silence.

We reached Gingrich last week to ask if he had plans to endorse Hemingway or otherwise get involved in the race. He declined to comment on the race or on Hemingway's suitability for the corner office. Gingrich's inner circle is similarly tight-lipped.

Hemingway's campaign claims an endorsement would violate Gingrich's CNN contract (even though Gingrich has endorsed in other races). We ran that claim by a former top Gingrich staffer, who laughed out loud.

Last year, Hemingway founded a Draft Newt PAC, which was to raise money supposedly to encourage Gingrich to run for U.S. Senate from Virginia. Gingrich dispatched an attorney to demand that Hemingway stop implying they were associated.

"We hereby demand that you cease and desist from the unauthorized use of Speaker Gingrich's name or likeness and that you further cease and desist from any activity implying or insinuating that your group is in any way authorized by, or affiliated with, Speaker Gingrich or his organizations," the attorney's letter read.

Hemingway's most famous boss has spent the last year keeping his distance. Republican primary voters would be wise to do the same.

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