February 25. 2016 6:46PM

Manufacturing needs cheaper energy

To the Editor: Manufacturers provide many of the tax dollars that run the state. But they receive little to no attention regarding the daily issues. Manufacturers are in competition with other U.S. manufacturers, or even worse, offshore competition in China. New Hampshire manufacturers have the most expensive electricity in the country. This makes it difficult to compete with other states that are 75 to 80 percent cheaper than our $.17 per kilowatt hour average.

New Hampshire manufacturers who depend on electricity or natural gas certainly feel this tremendous burden.

The original proposal of Northern Pass was one helpful answer to reducing energy costs. It was above ground and would cost less than one billion dollars. Thanks to our lobbyists, most of whom apparently do not understand manufacturing, have driven the cost up to where Northern Pass will do nothing to help the cause.

Leadership in Concord has done nothing to move these projects along and keep them in perspective to Northern Pass and pipeline.

Let’s get together and see what we can do. We have to do this fast in order to save this precious part of our economy. The organized opposition to the increase in capacity for electricity and natural gas does not represent the interest of the working person.