August 05. 2017 10:21PM

Car inspections? They remain a good idea


A look at the new inspection sticker for New Hampshire. (COURTESY)

About that new auto inspection sticker and new placement plan brought to us last week by the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles:

First, we are glad that DMV is catching up with the times regarding the increased electronics in our cars and how the current sticker location can interfere with it. We just hope DMV has made certain that moving the sticker to the driver's side, and lower on the windshield, isn't also a potential high-tech conflict.

With all that is going on with cars, self-driving and otherwise, we wonder when these stickers might be replaced with something much smaller.

This newspaper led the fight years ago to cease twice-yearly inspections (you read that right) and go to once a year. Automotive interests resisted, mightily, but it made sense.

We disagree with those who want inspections ended altogether. They are called safety stickers for a reason. Vehicles driving on public roads and highways are and should be subject to public rules and inspection. Not all drivers are created equal. Do we really want some bozo, already distracted with texting, barreling our way in a rust bucket with bad brakes?

Car technology and durability have increased exponentially in recent times. Therefore, we can see an argument for limiting annual inspections to those cars that are at least two or three years old.

But safety inspections should continue unless and until such time as cars become foolproof or fools prove themselves otherwise.