March 12. 2018 6:29PM

Eversource wants another chance

To the Editor: Eversource and its New Hampshire president, Bill Quinlan, are stunned by Northern Pass’s permit rejection? They want another try? Really? What stunned them: the fact their money, power, influence pedaling, donations and behind the scenes deals failed? Their project’s rejection shouldn’t surprise them it is so incomplete and inaccurate.

Eversource is attempting to undermine the Site Evaluation Committee’s totally legal 7-0 rejection of its Northern Pass project. Claims of a hasty decision (Northern Pass could make changes, the SEC should have judged all criteria) are being made by Eversource and supporters.

One fact is overlooked. Eversource could have submitted a complete project that met the criteria and followed the rules, but it didn’t.

Eversource sounds like a spoiled child who lost his game. Let me redo this. Give me another chance. I can do better. You didn’t ref the game properly.

In my opinion, Eversource was not concerned with its plans because it was convinced it had lined up all the “powers” they needed on their side to win their permit.

Eversource seems to misunderstand the rules. The basic rules are simple, guys:

1) A company submits a complete application.

2) The application goes through the adjudicatory process, making necessary changes.

3) The adjudicatory process concludes and SEC deliberations begin.

4) During the deliberative sessions, the committee weighs four criteria. Failure to meet any one results in the permit’s rejection.

No second try. No bargaining after the decision. No excuses. Northern Pass lost due to Eversource’s incompetence, irresponsibility, and arrogance.


Sugar Hill