June 17. 2018 1:05AM

McDonald's EDies: Founding brothers would approve


Independently-owned McDonald's restaurants in New Hampshire are the main reason that the "EDies'' awards in public education exist in their fine format. As our sponsored pages last Sunday noted, the EDies event has saluted the best in New Hampshire public education for 25 years.

When then Education Commissioner Fred Bramante decided a change was needed to provide a better platform for the honorees, McDonald's operators stepped up and said yes. Other contributors followed.

It seems to us very fitting indeed that McDonald's here in New Hampshire are particularly publicly spirited, both with the EDies and other civic causes.

Few people may know it, but founding brothers Maurice and Dick McDonald were New Hampshire natives. They received their own high school educations at Manchester High School West. We suspect they would give these local stores an unqualified A for their efforts.