July 11. 2018 10:34AM

Bedford surveys need your input

To the Editor: The Bedford Town Council has teamed up with an unelected board and several private groups from outside the area to see what Bedford residents would like to put in the Master Plan to “improve” the town.

They have created a survey containing ideas that, if implemented, could raise your taxes and forever change the rural flavor of the town to a more “urbanized” version.

It is very important that you express your opinions via this survey if you don’t want Bedford to be turned into a city or to be socially engineered by the federal government. It is the only chance you will have to provide any input as these private groups they have partnered with are of course, not accountable to the public: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LBK2NHX

For more information, call me at 472-7488.