September 07. 2018 9:00PM

Last Week's Rare Bird Alert

This is New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for Monday, Sept. 3.

A neotropic cormorant was photographed on the Androscoggin River in Gorham on Aug. 2, has been seen almost every day since then, and was last reported on Sept. 2.

A pair of Mississippi kites with a chick was seen in a nest near Madbury Road in Durham on July 26, and was most recently reported on Sept. 1.

An immature little blue heron was seen in coastal North Hampton and Rye during the past week and was last reported on Sept. 3. A yellow-crowned night-heron was seen in coastal Hampton on Aug. 28.

Two least bitterns were seen in the Cranberry Ponds wetland behind the Price Chopper store in West Lebanon on Sept. 1, and one was reported from World End Pond in Salem on the 3rd.

Two lesser black-backed gulls were seen in Hampton Harbor on Sept. 2.

Two Caspian terns were seen along the coast in Rye on Aug. 29.

A red-necked phalarope and a Baird’s sandpiper were seen in coastal Rye on Sept. 2, and a Western sandpiper was seen along the coast in Rye on Sept. 1. Three whimbrels were seen along the coast in Hampton on Sept. 2.

A stilt sandpiper was seen at the Rochester Wastewater Treatment Plant on Aug. 31.

A dickcissel and two grasshopper sparrows were reported from Woodmont Orchard in Hollis on Sept. 3, and a dickcissel and a red crossbill were reported from Freedom Town Forest on Aug. 31.

Several migrating olive-sided flycatchers, Philadelphia vireos, Cape May warblers, bay-breasted warblers and Tennesee warblers were reported from scattered locations during the past week.

Migrating common nighthawks were reported from several locations during the past week, with a high-count of over 900 in Concord on Sept. 3. Also of note were 261 reported from Keene on Aug. 29, and 272 in Sandwich on Sept. 2.

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