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Hidden costs: Subsidies are paid by the rest of us

September 09. 2018 9:37PM

Supporters of ratepayer subsidies for biomass and solar energy rallied at the State House last week, urging the Legislature to override Gov. Chris Sununu’s vetoes of two bills.

Those who would pay higher electric rates were conspicuously absent.

The political temptation to pick winners and losers in the marketplace is that those who would benefit from special treatment are loud and visible. They can point out to lawmakers of all the good they could do if only government would tilt the playing field ever so slightly in their favor.

The cost of these interventions are borne by everyone else. Homeowners facing higher electric rates don’t have time to spend the day in Concord. Businesses that never consider moving to New Hampshire because of high electric rates probably never even know about the bills that drove those rates higher.

As the Legislature considers Sununu’s vetoes of SB 365 and SB 446, we would ask them to consider the hidden costs of those subsidies, and the thousands of Granite Staters who would pay the price for their decision to pick winners and losers in the energy market.

They might not have been at the State House last week. But they do read their electric bills, and they vote.

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