September 10. 2018 8:39PM

Together in tragedy: Uniting behind a memory


It feels like yesterday. It feels like a lifetime ago.

It was 17 years ago today that four hijacked airliners crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, into the Pentagon, and into a Pennsylvania field. We said we would never forget.

But there are voters headed to the polls today who have no personal memory of that tragic, traumatic day. They know 9/11 only as history.

Members of Congress gathered on the steps of the Capitol, and broke into “God Bless America.” We came together that day, united in grief, but also by our common American values.

That unity has frayed. Extreme voices dominate our political discourse, casting each other as the true threat to our republic. We focus on these feuds, and belittle those who seek to find common ground.

New Hampshire voters today select the nominees of the Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian Parties. There are real differences between the candidates and between the parties. But we must not lose sight of the American ideals we share.

Let us vigorously debate the right direction for our state and our country knowing that our opponents have a good faith belief in their ideas. We cannot see each other as the enemy.