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Override biomass veto

September 10. 2018 8:39PM

To the Editor: During my childhood, I spent many enjoyable family vacations visiting New Hampshire camping at White Lake State Park in Tamworth. I enjoyed New Hampshire so much that I attended Colby Sawyer College in New London and moved from Massachusetts to teach in Nashua and eventually became a principal at a small, rural elementary school in Rumney.

While working in Rumney, I soon came to understand the fabric and close-knit community. Many of my students’ parents worked at either local lumber mills, as loggers, or some business related to the forest industry. I eventually moved to work as a principal in a larger school district but returned to Rumney to retire. A substantial portion of my former Rumney students now work at these same local lumber mills or as loggers or farmers, and remain in the community to raise their families in this working rural community. One former student operates a very successful local farm stand.

Recently, Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed Senate Bills 365 and 446. SB 365 would have provided an incentive to keep local sawmills and electricity producing power plants operating. These facilities buy their wood fuel from local timber harvests.

The governor’s vetoes do not make sense to me. Why shouldn’t New Hampshire support local jobs and generate electricity from local renewable resources? Gov. Sununu’s vetoes are misinformed and misguided. I ask New Hampshire’s legislators to override the governor’s vetoes on veto override day, Sept. 13, and keep jobs local and support renewable energy.



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