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Biomass end run

September 11. 2018 10:33PM

To the Editor: The New Hampshire biomass industry and its supporters are making an end run in an attempt to save itself. It may be too little and too late.

Sen. Bob Giuda recently argued that this upcoming veto override vote pits larger utilities against the much smaller wood burners in a David vs. Goliath type of struggle. Giuda is wrong in that he doesn’t consider either a deregulated marketplace or the possibility of change both of which define New Hampshire, not just wood biomass.

Throughout its entire history, wood biomass and its forestry interface have been in a protected class in the burning of junk wood to create electricity. This industry has enjoyed a state-subsidized business model that has never changed over time. Unlike the rest of the state’s electric utilities that have been forced to adapt, restructure, and change to a deregulated marketplace characterized by heavy competition, the wood biomass industry has stayed the same.

The vote to override the veto of SB 365 will be an important day for New Hampshire, especially the North Country. But there is no David vs. Goliath. There is only a deregulated marketplace and the possibility of change.



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