October 06. 2015 9:37PM

TMC: Total Market Coverage

Reach over 54,015 households in nine affluent New Hampshire communities with...

A program available to advertisers of the New Hampshire Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News with the combination of in-paper and 3rd Class U.S. Mail Delivery.

Your preprint has a powerful edge when you put the New Hampshire Union Leader T.M.C. to work for you!

When you schedule your advertising insert in the New Hampshire Union Leader and Sunday News T.M.C. program, you enjoy the winning combination of the acceptability of New Hampshire’s largest newspapers PLUS the availability of a direct mail program designed to reach nearly 100% of the households in the Greater Manchester area ... all at a price competitive to the cost of reaching those consumers through direct mail alone.

This program allows you to reach customers in the Manchester city zip codes...plus any of the additional zip codes shown here with a cost efficient shared mail program that inserts your advertising pre-print into copies of the New Hampshire Union Leader or Sunday News, and processes the remainder for mail delivery to non-subscribers by 3rd class mail on Friday. For TMC you may select a single zip code, but you must include the entire zip code.