October 04. 2015 8:27PM

Monday's Business Showcase

Showcase your business in the most read business section in New Hampshire, the Union Leader's Monday Business

Take advantage of our Monday Business Showcase Special to dominate a FULL PAGE. For price and availability, contact the advertising department at 603-668-4321.

It's simple . . . run your ad celebrating a special event, an anniversary, relocation, expansion, employee of the month/year, grand opening etc. Use it as a kickoff to an advertising campaign to grow your business.

The top half of the ad is a description of your business written by you. Its history, successes, mission or customer statement. The bottom half of the page is an ad designed by you or one of our talented graphic artists that promotes your products or services. This offer not only allows you to showcase your business on a page exclusively for you but gives the reader a chance to learn more about your business enticing them to come see what you offer.

Call your Union Leader rep about this opportunity to tell your story in your words.

CALL TODAY (603) 668-4321