October 04. 2015 5:39PM

Advertising in print - New Hampshire Union Leader and Sunday News

The New Hampshire Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News are the most powerful advertising media in the New Hampshire market. These newspapers have distribution and readership in every county in the state, with nearly 140,000 daily readers and 180,000 Sunday readers, your story or message reaches all parts of the state.

The Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News provide readers with outstanding national and international news coverage that offers excellent marketing opportunities for everyone.

Display Advertising

Jim Normandin
Retail/Local Accounts
Phone: 603-668-4321, ext. 241

Robin Wilson
National/Major Accounts
Phone: 603-668-4321

Classified Advertising

Phone: 603-669-1010

Advertising main phone: 603-668-4321, ext. 264

Fax: 603-641-9773