October 13. 2015 8:32PM

Monarchs - Fisher Cats - NASCAR

Sports Video Advertising

The New Hampshire Leader offers an effective way for local businesses to access iconic professional sports leagues and target a highly engaged local audience


 Digital sports content on the Unionleader.com, creates an engaging viewing experience for users and allows easy integration of your marketing message.

Why Advertise with Digital Sports Highlights?

Connect with the engaged and passionate sports fans on the Union Leader by utilizing the advertising assets available within our professional and collegiate sports video content. Unlike broadcasted content, online sports highlights have legs – they remain accessible to the public indefinitely, generating brand exposure every time they are viewed and allow consumers to click thru to your website.

It’s Also About Momentum
The growth in online video viewership is undeniable

Businesses and brands want more videos!

Impactful Content
The New Hampshire Union Leader offers video content across a variety of well-known national and local sports properties. Including opportunities to advertise on two popular local teams that can provide your business with great local sports alignment and goodwill in the local community.

Local Sports