August 05. 2016 10:32PM

Chuck Douglas' Message to Trump: Get with it or get out


Do you know the only difference between the demolition derby at the Hopkinton Fair and the Trump campaign? You have to pay to watch the demolition derby.

When Trump said he was “viciously attacked” by Mr. Khan at the Democratic Convention I thought to myself, “Vicious?” Hardly!

Those of us who have been criticized in politics learn to roll with the punches. If someone said “Chuck Douglas never read the Constitution,” I would have brushed it off and ignored it like a fly on my pant leg.

A really “vicious” attack would involve an allegation of being an ISIS agent, but not reading the Constitution hardly qualifies as so “vicious” you have to take time to blast the parents of a dead combat soldier and take your message away from Hillary for days.

Unless you are very, very, very thin-skinned.

Trump is showing himself unfit to handle the rough and tumble of politics. But that is the curse of the successful businessman. Because you are good (and he is) at growing a business, your total and complete control does not mean you have the temperament to take harsh criticism from people you cannot fire.

All too often in my decades of living, I have seen very successful businessmen run for public office and be a total disaster because they do not like public criticism they experience for the first time in their controlling lives. The biggest exception to this in my lifetime is Gov. John Lynch, who was a success in business but effortlessly made the transition to a successful political career because he rolled with the punches and laughed off criticism.

Can anyone reading this think that Mr. Khan, a bit player among over 100 speakers at the Democratic Convention, was even worth a comment by a presidential nominee?

I hope Mr. Trump can soon use what he calls his “good words” to actually become “correct words,” and not just words to fill up space. And by the way, making money and employing people is an accomplishment, not a sacrifice. Just look up the word sacrifice.

Last year Donald Trump attacked Sen. John McCain as not being a war hero because he got caught. Did it occur to Trump that all POWs “get caught?” Does that make them all losers? Of course not.

Someone who had multiple college draft deferments allowing him to avoid military service should be the very last person to criticize a brave man like Sen. McCain.

And then, attacking Sen. Ayotte and Speaker Ryan rounded out the trifecta of eating your young. Does it seem like Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Hassan will help the Trump agenda next January? If not, then shut up and attack pay-for-play Hillary, not the people you will need to work with. As a Never Hillary voter, I urge him to focus.

I am amazed that for a goal-oriented guy, he cannot keep his eye on the biggest ball.

Hillary is the most disliked candidate the Democrats have put up since the Civil War. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump’s 58 percent unfavorable rating is 11 points higher than Barry Goldwater’s unfavorable rating of 47 percent in October of 1964. We all know how that ended.

In the world of judicial appointments, the name Bork was turned into a verb, as in “getting borked.” Does a man of such vanity as Mr. Trump want to be the new verb, as in “Oh, that candidate trumped himself with his stupid comments?”

Think, Mr. Trump! You are not at the bar after golf BS-ing with your fellow golfers. You are running for President. Shut off your Twitter account.

If you are the actor I think you are, act presidential. Even faking it would be a welcome change from beating up on a Gold Star Mother. The clock is ticking. The time is short.

Get with it, Don, or get out. The Supreme Court is at stake.

Chuck Douglas of Bow is a retired colonel in the N.H. Army National Guard and former Republican congressman from New Hampshire and a former NH Supreme Court justice.