September 05. 2016 9:24AM

Image of exotic dancer on state highway sign distracts drivers

Unon Leader Correspondent

An image of an exotic dancer on a stripper pole was removed Sunday after it appeared on this sign along Route 101 in Raymond. (Courtesy Steve Duprey)

RAYMOND – A white silhouette of an exotic dancer straddling a stripper pole distracted drivers on Route 101 eastbound Sunday after the image appeared on a highway sign that’s supposed to display nearby attractions.

It’s not clear when the image was placed on the blue sign just before Exit 5, but State Police reported it to the state Department of Transportation early Sunday evening, according to DOT spokesman Bill Boynton.

Boynton described the image as a three-foot tall sticker or decal. He said it wasn’t authorized and that he had no idea how it got there.

The sign is used to advertise attractions, but it’s been blank for some time.

Prominent Concord businessman and Republican Steve Duprey was one of the drivers who was surprised to see the image on a highway sign.

“When I first saw the sign I thought the state had gotten too open-minded in applying the new sign law. Aside from being inappropriate for a highway sign, I thought it was sort of a good prank and suspected that traffic off Exit 5 into Raymond probably hit record highs,” he said.

State officials weren’t amused by the prank that came over the busy Labor Day weekend.

DOT crews moved in quickly to remove the image as soon as it was brought to their attention.