April 26. 2017 1:17PM

Sununu says 'Red Pill' state rep should resign



Gov. Chris Sununu is calling on a state representative to resign over offensive and misogynistic comments attributed to him in an online forum, called Red Pill, on Reddit.

"Representative Fisher's comments are horrendous and repulsive and his resignation is certainly in order," Sununu, R-Newfields, said Wednesday.

Rep. Robert Fisher, R-Laconia, did not immediately return a call and email asking if he will consider stepping down.

Sununu echoed House Speaker Shawn Jasper's point that Fisher, a two-term legislator, should step down. The Speaker cannot himself oust a member, but the House can pursue censure or reprimand. Jasper said he read Fisher's posts, and "found what I read to be disgusting, and wished that he would resign." But he said he is unaware of any violation of law.

Jeanie Forrester, chair of the Republican State Committee, also called for Fisher to resign, saying the comments are offensive.

Former state Rep. Joe Sweeney, a Salem Republican and head of the Young Republicans, said Fisher should take responsibility for his actions and words.

"Any representative, regardless of party, should resign when such egregious and disturbing comments are made," Sweeney said in a statement. "Normalizing rape or purporting disturbing social theories is unacceptable behavior for anyone, especially a member of the state Legislature."

Sweeney, who is considering a run for Congress, said the NHYR may bring up the matter when the board meets Wednesday night.

The Fisher link to the Red Pill forum was first reported by The Daily Beast.

In a statement to the Union Leader on Tuesday, Fisher did not deny the connection, but he accused the Daily Beast of taking quotes out of context from years-old online discussions. In the statement, he suggested that he was a victim of a false rape accusation when he was in his early 20s.

Fisher, 31, said the controversy strengthened his resolve to fight for equal rights. "Some in the media seem to enjoy trying to make big issues from out-of-context quotes and wielding them to try and destroy their political adversaries rather than shining a light on the underlying tough issues people face," Fisher said in the statement. "Here's my message to the public: I am not disappearing. I will continue to stand strong for men's rights and the rights of all, and I intend on introducing new legislation in in 2018 to push back on the NH courts and finally bring relief for NH parents and citizens who face these very real but under-reported issues."