June 13. 2017 12:11PM

Bears attracted to Bike Week aroma make unwelcome parking lot appearance

Union Leader Correspondent

The fuzzy bear in this photograph is one of the cubs that wandered into a Meredith parking lot Tuesday morning. (Courtesy)

MEREDITH – A black bear and her two cubs were unwelcome guests in a downtown parking lot Tuesday morning, drawn by the scent of a restaurant’s Bike Week trash.

The bruin was a bruiser, said Meredith Police Detective Corporal John Eichhorn, as he blocked off the rear lot at Cross Insurance about 10 a.m. on a busy stretch of Route 25.

“It’s the biggest bear I’ve ever seen,” he said,

The bears were apparently attracted to a utility trailer loaded with trash from the neighboring Surfside drive-in restaurant, police said. When the business owner was informed bears were eyeing the waste as a smorgasbord, he quickly arrived with in a Jeep, hitched up the load and towed the trash to the transfer station.

After the trash was removed, the bears remained in a wooded area between Dunkin Donuts and Cross Insurance.

Eichhorn hopes that now that the food source is gone that the bears will make their way down Pleasant Street and into the safety of the wooded tracts of Meredith Neck.

Meredith police notified Fish & Game that bears were in the middle of a heavily-developed commercial area fronting on a high traffic volume in the midst of Bike Week. Fish & Game urged homeowners to remove their bird feeders to avoid attracting bears. Once an animal links humans to getting food the animal will become increasingly emboldened and then must be destroyed as a danger to people.