July 13. 2017 1:08AM

Voting in NH: You actually have to live here


If you live in New Hampshire, you can vote in New Hampshire.

If you don’t live in New Hampshire, you can’t vote in New Hampshire.

This should not be controversial, but ambiguity in the law led to confusion over what it means to be domiciled in the Granite State.

Secretary of State Bill Gardner has been asking the Legislature for years to clear up the situation, only to have then-Gov. Maggie Hassan veto a bill defining domicile.

This week Gov. Chris Sununu ignored the shouts of feigned outrage from paranoid Democrats and signed SB 3 into law. The new statute requires people who have lived in their current district for less than 30 days to demonstrate that they aren’t just passing through.

No one who actually lives in New Hampshire, including college students from out of state, would be denied access to the voting booth. SB 3 would end the honor system that has allowed drive-by voting, including campaign workers and volunteers with no ties to New Hampshire, and no intention to stay beyond Election Day.

The push to clean up New Hampshire’s election laws predates President Donald Trump’s wild claims that he would have won the popular vote if it weren’t for voter fraud. That hasn’t stopped Democrats from trying to tie SB 3 to Trump.

Democrats are oddly passionate about protecting access to the polls for people who don’t really live here. Our elections should be reserved for New Hampshire voters.