July 14. 2017 1:50AM

Fired Jaffrey library employee alleges ageism in court filing

Union Leader Correspondent

JAFFREY — Fired Jaffrey Public Library employee Marilyn Simons has filed suit against the town and town library alleging she was unlawfully terminated in May.

Ageism was the real reason behind her termination, the court petition alleges. The petition also alleges the non-public meeting in which she was fired without being present was unlawful.

Simons was fired at a Jaffrey Public Library Board of Trustees meeting on May 30 after working for the library for 41 years as a library assistant.

Her appeal of the Library trustees vote was denied at a public hearing in June.

During the public hearing current library director Julie Perrin said she had gone to the trustees at the meeting asking to reduce Simons’ hours due to ongoing issues with her poor customer service and inability to be trained on technology.

Instead the trustees terminated Simons.

According to a petition to the court on June 30, Simons had worked for the library from 1976 to 2017.

The trustees cited several reasons for the firing, including failure to improve performance, poor performance reviews, inability to follow established procedures consistently, inability to demonstrate competency using library technology and poor customer service.

But the petition filed with the court alleges that the “real reason” the trustees fired Simons is age discrimination.

Once served with the petition the town and town library must respond within 30 days to the court.