September 11. 2017 8:47PM

An Editorial -- Joseph W. McQuaid, Publisher: Trust Bill Gardner over a quack quartet

New Hampshire Union Leader Publisher

New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner (File photo)

Let’s see: in matters of New Hampshire elections, should Granite Staters hold in higher regard the experienced, nonpartisan voice of Secretary of State Bill Gardner — or the partisan political hackery of our all-Democrat congressional delegation?

Gardner happens to be a Democrat, the kind who for more than 40 years has put what’s best for New Hampshire first. That is why he has been repeatedly elected to his two-year term by the Legislature, which has sometimes been Republican-majority, sometimes Democratic.

His fairness and experience are also why New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation presidential primaries have withstood all manner of challenges, including occasions when BOTH political parties were screaming for his head.

A presidential commission examining voting is due in New Hampshire today. It is a chance for the nation to see in Bill Gardner a man of quiet courage and competence who knows election law better than anyone and who is serving on this commission not to aid Donald Trump, but to get at the facts.

For his efforts, he is being vilified by a political quartet that would not recognize real bipartisanship if it stumbled over it.