October 04. 2017 10:08PM

Plea deal possible for Seabrook man charged with attempted murder

Union Leader Correspondent

BRENTWOOD — A plea agreement is likely in the case of a Seabrook man who allegedly tried to murder a woman during a violent assault in June, according to court documents.

Fred McKenzie, 45, of 2 Autumn Way, Apt. B10, was recently indicted on multiple charges resulting from the June 7 assault in which McKenzie is accused of attempting to strangle his partner, 56-year-old Nancy Lord.

McKenzie faces felony charges that include attempted murder, four counts of domestic violence second-degree assault, domestic violence, and domestic violence reckless conduct with a deadly weapon. He is also charged with two counts of criminal threatening and six counts of domestic violence — all misdemeanors.

The complaints allege that he applied pressure to Lord’s neck or throat to impede her breathing. He also allegedly threatened to use a pair of scissors as a deadly weapon and pushed them against Lord’s back while saying, “I could paralyze you.”

McKenzie also allegedly stuck the pair of scissors near her eye and caused Lord to cut her hand on the scissors.

The misdemeanor charges accuse McKenzie of terrorizing Lord and threatening murder when he allegedly told her that “if I can’t have you, no one will” and “You are going to die tonight.”

During the assault, McKenzie also allegedly sat on Lord’s torso, pinned her with his knees, put something around her neck and pulled, and dragged her across the floor, pulled her by her neck or hair, threw her to the floor, and pushed her against a wall.

McKenzie remains held at the Rockingham County jail on $50,000 cash bail.

Prosecutors recently offered a plea deal in the case, but details haven’t been revealed.

Court documents at Rockingham County Superior Court indicate that a plea agreement “is likely” in the case.

McKenzie waived his arraignment last month and has entered not guilty pleas.

The case is scheduled for trial in December.