January 23. 2018 3:51PM

Allyson Ryder • 34 • North Hampton

What is the best career advice you ever received?

When I was getting ready to graduate from SNHU, one of my professors, Maria Manus Painchaud, encouraged me to stay in New Hampshire. She noted that, given the size and relationships in this state, I could make a real difference by volunteering and connecting with community leaders, and the sooner I did this, the better. She helped jumpstart this for me by engaging me with the Capital Region Food Program where I met an abundance of philanthropic leaders from throughout the Concord community.

Why did you choose your profession?

I have always thrived in environments where I can be a collaborator, a connector, an advocate and an educator. Leadership NH uniquely combines all four of these factors and works towards ensuring that New Hampshire is a safe, healthy, and welcoming state for all.

What motivates you to give back to your community?

Volunteering helps me to feel connected to the state and the communities where I live. You see the best in people when you’re working alongside them to help further the efforts of something that is bigger than all of us. This serves as a wonderful reminder that, although board terms may expire and projects come to an end, our efforts will continue to serve others for many years to come.

What would make New Hampshire more attractive to young professionals?

I have spent my entire career in New Hampshire and I am so fortunate to be surrounded by a group of individuals who are tirelessly working to make New Hampshire a great place to live, work and play for all. We may be fiercely independent but we also have a strong sense of community, which isn’t always evident through our state spending of education, the state motto, or investment in infrastructure. I think small investments, though still investments, in areas that are important to younger professionals will help paint the state in a more welcoming and inclusive way.

What would you like to be doing when you’re 40?

Through my work at Leadership NH, I have been exposed to all the amazing parts of the state as well as some areas that require more work and attention. I would love to be in a position where I’m part of a team addressing some of the policy areas that we can do more to improve upon.

What was your last major achievement?

Management of LNH’s efforts to evaluate race equity in New Hampshire’s major systems. Also, as part of another effort separate from LNH, researching women incarceration rates in New Hampshire.

Volunteer activities: Research, Policy and Advocacy Committee, NH Women’s Foundation; Development Committee, Families First Health Center; Public Policy Committee, The Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth; Board of Directors, N.H. Coalition to End Homelessness; Community Advisory Board, N.H. Public Radio; MLK Day Breakfast Steering Committee, Seacoast NAACP; Granite Views Columnist, Hippo Press.

What's in the photo: Allyson is well known for her coffee meetings with Leadership NH alumni.