June 14. 2018 1:42PM

Why it's time to go live

By now, most businesses have integrated video marketing into their social media strategies, but many have yet to realize the potential of live streaming videos across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube, and LinkedIn. If there’s any doubt to the difference between an edited video and live streaming video, take a look at these stats:

Now that you’re a believer in the power of live streaming, here are some tips for creating a successful campaign:

Establish Your Purpose
Just like other marketing strategies, you need to define your goal or purpose. Are you introducing you brand? Looking to increase engagement? Boosting sales by featuring a product and discount code? Make sure to have a goal in mind before outlining the plan for your live video.

Have a Plan
While a live streaming video shouldn’t feel like an overly staged scene, having an outline or general script can make sure it effectively accomplishes the goal. Think about the style of video you want to create. Is it a presentation, Q&A, or a poll? Plan your opening, engage your audience, and add hashtags for them to use in participation.

Make it Authentic to Your Brand
Once you have your goal set and a plan outlined, make sure they align with your brand. Imagine if your brand was a person. What would they wear? What hobbies would they have? How would they interact with your audience? Creating an authentic, relatable persona will help express your message in an organic way.

Humanize Your Message
Every aspect of social media marketing requires a human element to build meaningful relationships with customers and partners. Live streaming forces a natural flow rather than being completely scripted. It doesn’t have to be perfect; in fact, it’s almost better if it’s not. People want to buy from other people, not from machines. Featuring influencers or brand advocates can also reach a wider audience and put non-corporate faces in front of customers.

Promote Content in Advance
With the live streaming video planned, set a date and time to start it. Use your social media channels to promote your upcoming video in advance to help your build audience. Offer a teaser for why they want to tune in and post reminders shortly before streaming.

And that’s a wrap! If you’re ready to go live but still need a little help, contact Union Leader to start creating a live streaming video marketing strategy for your business.