June 29. 2018 1:16PM

Windham couple denies videotaping Trump adviser's children; Lewandowski called a bully

Union Leader Correspondent

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has been in a protracted property dispute with his Windham neighbors. (FILE/REUTERS/Joshua Roberts)

BRENTWOOD — Former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is accusing his Windham neighbors of trespassing on his property to snap pictures of his new garage and videotaping his children getting off the school bus, but they deny the allegations and insist he’s being a bully.

The accusations are the latest in an ongoing property battle between Lewandowski and neighbors Glenn and Irene Schwartz.

Lewandowski, a frequent political commentator on Fox News, recently filed a motion asking a Rockingham County Superior Court judge to find the Schwartzes in contempt of a court order issued last year in a $5 million lawsuit he brought over the construction of a large garage on property near his home on Emerson Road.

At the center of the legal dispute is an easement on the Schwartz property that Lewandowski has been using to access the property where he’s building the garage, which is located near his residence.

Lewandowski is allowed to use the easement, which is a dirt road, because he argues that the only way to reach the lower level of the new garage is through the easement on the Schwartz property.

The Schwartzes claim he’s been using the easement beyond what was intended and they counter-sued.

In his latest court filing, Lewandowski claims the Schwartzes trespassed on May 7 in an attempt to gain access to the garage to take pictures. He also alleges that they continue to harass construction and maintenance workers and attempted to block their access to the property.

Lewandowski also claims the couple has been observed recording his children getting off the school bus, drove their vehicle “aggressively” near his 9-year-old child, and invaded his privacy by adjusting their video surveillance to face his property.

The Schwartzes dispute his claims, saying they haven’t violated any court orders.

“NONE of the claims made by the plaintiff (Lewandowski) are true in any way, and this is a frivolous motion filed purely for the purposes of bullying and continuing to threaten the defendants (the Schwartzes) with unmerited claims that are defamatory,” they said in a motion objecting to Lewandowski’s motion for contempt.

The Schwartzes claim they’ve had to call police numerous times because of Lewandowski’s conduct.

Windham police Capt. Mike Caron confirmed Wednesday that the Schwartzes have called police.

“They’ve called in reference to the property dispute itself,” he said.

The Schwartzes, who deny blocking access and harassing workers, said they’ve never videotaped Lewandowski’s children. They installed an outdoor camera to observe their mailbox because it’s been stolen in the past, their objection said.

“The defendants have two happy and healthy children who have many friends and they would never attempt to harm a child. This accusation is egregious and not only is it false but it is defamatory. It is the plaintiff who attempted to hit the defendants on two (2) occasions with his vehicle. The defendants have police reports related to this incident,” their motion said.

They added they do have a video system to protect their property, their dogs, and to monitor for a “high volume of traffic and accidents on the easement which is still uninsured.”

The Schwartzes also said they’ve never trespassed. They said they have taken pictures to record “violations” or Lewandowski’s actions and that the property boundaries are marked by a surveyor. They claimed some stakes, however, have been pulled out by Lewandowski or his workers.

A hearing on the pending motions was scheduled for Tuesday, but was canceled and rescheduled for July 10.