August 23. 2018 3:26PM

Sununu prods Market Basket to move price sticker and end deli bag massacre

New Hampshire Union Leader

“It's nearly impossible to open it without destroying the zip lock and bag, defeating the purpose of such,” Londonderry Town Manager Kevin Smith tweeted last month of the poor placement of price stickers. (KEVIN SMITH/TWITTER)

SALEM — Gov. Chris Sununu was basking in the glow of his social media celebrity Wednesday morning, taking at least partial credit for a series of tweets that resulted in a new approach to tagging deli bags with price stickers at Market Basket to prevent tearing.

“I will take credit for getting Market Basket to move the labeling on their ziplock cheese,” Sununu said to reporters after the Executive Council meeting at the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem.

Sununu was so thrilled with the outcome of the twitter exchange he shared with Londonderry Town Manager Kevin Smith, that he said jokingly it was one of the great accomplishments of his administration.

“We asked the question, and I couldn’t be more excited that one of my favorite employers in the state, Market Basket, listened to the concerns of Kevin Smith, myself and a variety of other folks,” Sununu said.

The saga began on Aug. 2, when Smith tweeted his frustration that deli workers at the popular grocery store chain often stick the price tag over the zipper part of the deli meat bags.

“It’s nearly impossible to open it without destroying the zip lock and bag, defeating the purpose of such,” Smith tweeted, signing off “loyal customer.”

The tweet generated more than 100 “likes” and a direct reply tweet from Gov. Chris Sununu, who wrote, “Yes! Thank you Kevin for finally saying something. I have to re-bag the cheese every time, which defeats the cost advantage of buying at MB in the first place.”

Market Basket responded with a tweet of its own, promising to look into the matter.

On Aug. 21, Smith brought the story to a happy ending with a tweet and photos showing the stickers placed on the bottom of the ziplock, where they could do no harm, thanking Market Basket for listening and giving a shout-out to Sununu for supporting the cause.

“I thought we were the only two that had this problem, but wow did people come out of the woodwork in the past 24 hours cheering the decision by Market Basket,” Sununu said on Wednesday. “So kudos to Market Basket for hearing the concerns of citizens, great customer service.”

Market Basket did not respond to a request for comment, but posted a “like” on Smith’s most recent tweet.

“Hopefully they’ve changed their policy company-wide,” said Sununu. “I don’t know. I bought my cheese last night and the label was put exactly where it needed to be, so I didn’t have to re-package my cheese. I do a lot of the grocery shopping at the Epping Market Basket on the way home and it’s an issue I’ve had for years.”

The N.H. Democratic Party joined in the fun with a post of its own that read, “Wait.. did anyone read the label on the @GovChrisSununu cheese tweet?”

Below the statement, a smiling Sununu can be seen proudly holding up his bag of deli cheese with the label in a safe position on the bag. The label is doctored, however, to read “Sununu’s Bill of Goods,” with a list that includes “corporate tax cuts, voter suppression laws and NRA endorsed gun laws.”