October 30. 2015 12:33PM

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We automatically target the best performing industry-related sites based on the type of job you post.

Upgrade Your Job Postings to TOTAL TALENT REACH™
And get more exposure than the two national job boards combined!

With tens of thousands of job sites to choose from, trying to decide where to spend your recruitment dollars in order to find the best talent is not easy. Posting on multiple job boards, sifting through unqualified applicants, purchasing resume database access, and conducting endless keyword searches for passive job seekers, all make finding the best candidates a costly and time consuming process, with no guarantee of results.

Introducing Total Talent Reach™ —a new standard in online recruitment advertising that helps you reach the most qualified job seekers possible—all for one low price!

Total Talent Reach™

Get Maximum Exposure
Expose your ad on TheJobNetwork™ which reaches millions of active and passive job seekers across more than 1,000 job sites—that’s more than the top two national job boards combined!
Reach More Candidates
Qualified candidates who meet your job requirements from our candidate resume database are sent Match Alerts directly to their accounts and email. Matched candidates are 14 times more likely to apply.

Access Our Resume Database
Get resume database matches delivered automatically to your account—screened,graded and ranked with Real-time Job Matching™ saving valuable time compared to keyword searching.
Move to the Top of the List
Get more qualified response when your ad is optimized to rank higher in search results (ad-level SEO) on search engines and aggregator sites, and appears at the top of the list with our targeted pay-per-click ad campaigns.
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