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Biden visits, revs up Granite State Dems

Union Leader Correspondent

May 25. 2011 10:10PM
Vice President Joseph Biden talks as he holds a baseball to sign for Tom Beaudin, an employee at the Bonneville & Son Chrysler dealership in Manchester on Wednesday, one day after Chrysler repaid its government loan. (THOMAS ROY/UNION LEADER) 

NASHUA - Calling Republicans a different breed of cat, Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday while visiting New Hampshire that President Barack Obama will be successful in his re-election bid for the White House.

Firing up a group of about 500 Democrats, Biden questioned the Republican agenda.

'Lord almighty, I sure doubt their value systems and priorities,' he said while speaking at the 2011 McIntyre Shaheen 100 Club Dinner at the Radisson.

Obama will be at the top of the ticket, Biden said, predicting a surge of enthusiasm during the upcoming campaign.

Although there is still much to do, the economy is improving, said the vice president. There are still millions of Americans in fear of losing their jobs and wondering if they will be able to sleep in their homes next month, according to Biden.

The American people are under an incredible amount of stress, but all they really desire is a safe place to live with decent schools, the promise of college for their children and the hope of saving for retirement, he said.

'That is not much to ask, but it seems a lot to ask from the perspective of our colleagues on the other side,' said Biden.

The vice president praised New Hampshire residents for understanding what is happening around the country, and the importance of presidential elections.

The 2012 election is about the future and about restoring the American dream, which is why Biden said he partnered with Obama in 2008. It is about strength in leadership, according to Biden, describing Obama as a leader with a backbone.

Americans watched as Obama executed what he called the 'boldest undertaking of a single event in modern history,' referring to Osama bin Laden's death.

With his future on the line, Obama didn't hesitate, said Biden.

'And, that was the last piece of the puzzle that had to be put in place,' added the vice president.

While Obama may have made unpopular decisions, they were essential to improve the nation, according to Biden, pointing to the American automotive industry.

Prior to his speech in Nashua, Biden visited a car dealership in Manchester, celebrating Chrysler's paying off of its $10.6 million government loan about six years early. Chrysler emerged from bankruptcy in 2009, and since then the industry has added more than 115,000 jobs.

There isn't any reason the automotive industry can't be the best in the world, he said, explaining America still has the best workforce.

Wednesday's annual dinner, which was sponsored by the New Hampshire Democratic Party, was established more than 50 years ago for John F. Kennedy's presidential campaign.

Awards were given to Kathy Sullivan, former chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, and Gary Hirshberg, chairman and president of Stonyfield Farm, for their commitment to the Democratic Party.

Gov. John Lynch attended the event, saying the primary season is already under way.

'We need to start now,' Lynch told the Democrats, urging them to help move the nation forward.

Biden agreed, saying, 'Folks, I think we are ready. I really do.'


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