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Caps back on: Giving taxpayers control again

July 06. 2011 7:57PM

Remember those tax and spending caps a bunch of New Hampshire communities had before out-of-state left-wing groups joined with public employee unions and went to court to have them overturned? Well, they're back. And the bill that restores them to life bears Gov. John Lynch's signature.

Senate Bill 2 not only makes municipal tax and spending caps legal, but it retroactively restores those thrown out by the state Supreme Court, which had ruled that they illegally constrained the power of local elected officials. Lynch signed it into law on Tuesday.

For years, the activist left claimed with straight faces that tax and spending caps passed by a supermajority of voters were 'rule by the minority.' Here is former Senate President Sylvia Larsen on SB 2 earlier this year: 'The cap violates what elected officials are elected to do. They take power away from citizens and substitute a formula. It's rule by the minority over the majority. That's not good for our cities, it's not good for our towns, and it's not good for our state.'

No rational person could possibly believe that. Larsen, like other public union lackeys, was just mouthing the union talking points. In reality, tax and spending caps impose the majority's will on elected officials.

We wonder what spin Larsen and her anti-taxpayer pals will use against this legislation in the next legislative election, considering that Gov. Lynch signed the bill into law. How can they argue that the legislation is all about the minority keeping the majority down when their own St. John the Indecisive signed his name to it?

Tax and spending caps are good for our cities, good for our towns, and good for our state. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you a bill of goods.


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