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Jim Crow? Not even close

July 07. 2011 10:50PM

Legislators finally passed a voter ID bill this session, only to have Gov. John Lynch veto it. This week former President Bill Clinton compared it to Jim Crow laws. We suppose that as long as you're going to make up stuff to discredit the opposition, you might as well go all in.

Lynch vetoed the bill, he said, because it would create problems for people who wanted to vote. For instance, the bill gave people who didn't have a valid ID on Election Day 2.5 days to come back with one. Lynch said that was just awful because 'many town offices are closed or have only limited hours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.'

According to Lynch, it's an undue burden to make people do business at town offices during workdays.

He also said 'State employees can use their agency-issued photo IDs to vote, but employees at private companies may not use their company-issued photo IDs.' So he thinks company-issued IDs are equal to state-issued ones? Sure he does.

But Clinton was even worse. He said New Hampshire's bill was, like Jim Crow laws, a 'determined effort to limit a franchise.' Really? It's not a poll tax or a literacy test. It's just a picture ID. If you can get to a polling place, you can get to a state office that issues - for free - photo IDs.

This disenfranchisement talk is just an attempt to smear the opposition, which is what too many people in politics do when they don't have the facts on their side.