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September 27. 2011 10:22PM

Only in Print: Reports of mountain lion sightings on the rise

Jo-Ann Dillow, Lucas Romano, 13, center, and Dillow's son, Jack, 10, claim they saw a mountain lion two weeks ago while dropping Lucas off at his Fremont home. (JASON SCHREIBER)

If there is a mountain lion in New Hampshire, Fish & Game biologist Patrick Tate said, it’s most likely a domesticated animal that someone released and not one that migrated from the western United States. (JOHN HENDERSON/ISTOCK)

While the number of possible mountain lion sightings in New Hampshire has increased over the past couple of years, so, too, have reports of bobcats. Wildlife experts said the presence of mountain lions has not been confirmed here and that people often mistake a bobcat for a mountain lion, though bobcats tend to be smaller and have shorter tails.

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