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Perry woos voters in Nashua appearance

Union Leader Correspondent

November 16. 2011 7:46PM

Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks at a town hall meeting held at VFW Post 483 in Nashua. 

NASHUA - Gov. Rick Perry told voters that he's ready to change the look of Washington and get America working again.

'Washington is broken and it needs a complete overhaul,' Perry said. 'We need to uproot, tear down and rebuild Washington D.C.'

People filled the VFW Post 483 to hear Perry outline his plans to rebuild the legislative, judicial and executive branches.

He would begin by establishing a part-time, citizen congress and cutting congressional pay in half, Perry said. He would also criminalize insider trading by members of congress, he said.

At the Judicial level Perry said he would end to lifetime appointments for federal judges.

Executive branch reform would begin with an audit of every regulation passed since 2008 and immediate repeal of any found to be unaffordable or ineffective. Bureaucracy reduction would include eliminating the Department of Commerce, the Department of Energy and the Department of Education, he said. The Transportation Security Administration would be privatized under Perry's plan, and the Environmental Protection Agency would be restructured.

The final phase of Perry's overhaul involves a balanced budget amendment, an end to bailouts, automatic veto of bills with earmarks and a requirement to cap federal spending at 18 percent of the gross domestic product. Perry promoted both a balanced budget by 2020 and a 20 percent flat tax.

Replacing the current administration with another Washington insider won't get the job done, Perry said. It will take an outsider to build a new government that is smaller and more humble, so America can be stronger and freer, he said.

'My career has been outside of Washington, always,' Perry said.

Texas has used tax policy, regulation policy and right-to-work laws to create a favorable business environment where a new biotech industry is growing, Perry said. The economy is sound in Texas and it created more jobs than any other state in the nation, he said.

Two people in the audience pressed Perry about his stance on healthcare. A woman questioned how Perry can say he's on the side of saving lives when he's against affordable healthcare legislation that stresses preventative care.

'I think healthcare is your state's decision,' Perry said.

Using the private sector to educate people about preventative healthcare at the state level is a better approach, Perry said.

A follow-up questioner asked what Perry would do for the people unable to get health insurance due to pre-existing conditions. Perry again stressed promoting the private sector's ability to compete and provide healthcare options. He called Obamacare a 'one size fits all' approach.

Nadia Glauber supports Perry based on his impressive resume of achievements in Texas, she said. While governing the second largest state, Perry has gained valuable experience that can be used to solve this country's problems, she said. The economy is doing well there, Glauber said, as is the job market. Perry has also dealt with some complex issues such as securing the Mexican border, she said.

'He's doing a fabulous job in Texas,' Glauber said. 'Texas gets it.'

Carol Goss is still researching candidates, but said she was impressed with Perry's performance. He put a lot of thought into his positions and it showed, she said. Goss is looking for a candidate that can look at the big picture to find solutions that the country needs, she said. Goss said that she remains undecided.

Al Baldasaro, state-federal relations and veterans' affairs chairman, said he came out to show his support for Perry. Perry has a good track record for taking care of the elderly and veterans, Baldasaro said. He called Perry a go-getter who makes things happen.

'Perry tells it like it is and he has a record backing him up,' Baldasaro said.


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