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House sustains Lynch veto of right to work

New Hampshire Union Leader

November 30. 2011 12:07PM

CONCORD - After months of waiting, the House Wednesday sustained Gov. John Lynch's veto of right to work legislation.

The House voted 240-139, which was short of the two-thirds majority needed to override the veto.

Veto supporters said nothing is wrong with the current system, but opponents said the bill could create jobs in the state.

Below is the roll call vote on the veto override of HB 474 Right to Work bill. The veto override failed.

Name Party County District Vote
Abrami, Patrick Republican Rockingham 13 Yea
Accornero, Harry Republican Belknap 04 Yea
Aguiar, James Democrat Grafton 06 Nay
Ahlgren, Christopher Republican Carroll 04 Yea
Allen, Mary Republican Rockingham 11 Yea
Almy, Susan Democrat Grafton 11 Nay
Andolina, Donald Republican Strafford 06 Yea
Antosz, Jason Republican Rockingham 09 Yea
Avard, Kevin Republican Hillsborough 20 Yea
Azarian, Gary Republican Rockingham 04 Yea
Babson, David Republican Carroll 03 Yea
Balboni, Michael Republican Hillsborough 21 Yea
Baldasaro, Alfred Republican Rockingham 03 Yea
Ball, J. Michael Republican Hillsborough 09 Yea
Baroody, Benjamin Democrat Hillsborough 13 Nay
Barry, J. Gail Republican Hillsborough 16 Yea
Barry, Richard Republican Hillsborough 19 Yea
Bates, David Republican Rockingham 04 Yea
Beattie, Thomas Republican Hillsborough 17 Not Voting
Belanger, James Republican Hillsborough 05 Yea
Belanger, Ronald Republican Rockingham 04 Yea
Belvin, William Republican Hillsborough 06 Yea
Benn, Bernard Democrat Grafton 09 Nay
Bergevin, Jerry Republican Hillsborough 17 Yea
Berube, Roger Democrat Strafford 02 Nay
Bettencourt, David Republican Rockingham 04 Yea
Birdsell, Regina Republican Rockingham 08 Yea
Blankenbeker, Lynne Republican Merrimack 11 Not Voting
Boehm, Ralph Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Bolster, Peter Republican Belknap 05 Nay
Bouchard, Candace Democrat Merrimack 11 Nay
Bowers, Spec Republican Sullivan 03 Yea
Bradley, Lester Republican Grafton 04 Yea
Brosseau, Charles Republican Grafton 06 Yea
Brown, Julie Republican Strafford 01 Nay
Brown, Kevin Republican Hillsborough 26 Not Voting
Brown, Paul Republican Rockingham 02 Yea
Browne, Brendon Democrat Strafford 04 Nay
Brownrigg, Randall Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Bulis, Lyle Republican Grafton 01 Yea
Burt, John Republican Hillsborough 07 Yea
Butynski, William Democrat Cheshire 04 Nay
Buxton, Michael Republican Hillsborough 24 Nay
Byrnes, John Republican Cheshire 06 Yea
Cali-Pitts, Jacqueline Democrat Rockingham 16 Nay
Campbell, David Democrat Hillsborough 24 Nay
Carr, Daniel Democrat Cheshire 04 Nay
Cartwright, Anne Republican Cheshire 02 Yea
Case, Frank Republican Rockingham 01 Not Voting
Cataldo, Sam Republican Strafford 03 Yea
Cebrowski, John Republican Hillsborough 18 Yea
Champagne, Norma Republican Hillsborough 12 Not Voting
Chandler, Gene Republican Carroll 01 Yea
Charron, Gene Republican Rockingham 07 Yea
Chase, Cynthia Democrat Cheshire 03 Nay
Chirichiello, Brian Republican Rockingham 05 Nay
Christensen, D.L. Chris Republican Hillsborough 19 Yea
Christiansen, Lars Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Cloutier, John Democrat Sullivan 04 Nay
Coffey, James Republican Hillsborough 03 Yea
Coffey, Jennifer Republican Merrimack 06 Yea
Cohn, Seth Republican Merrimack 06 Yea
Comerford, Timothy Republican Rockingham 09 Yea
Comtois, Guy Republican Belknap 05 Yea
Condra, William Republican Hillsborough 04 Yea
Cooney, Mary Democrat Grafton 07 Nay
Copeland, Timothy Republican Rockingham 13 Nay
Cote, David Democrat Hillsborough 23 Nay
Coughlin, Sean Republican Hillsborough 06 Yea
Coulombe, Gary Democrat Coos 04 Nay
Cox, Sean Republican Merrimack 06 Yea
Cunningham, Steven Republican Sullivan 02 Yea
Cusson-Cail, Kathleen Republican Hillsborough 14 Yea
Daler, Jennifer Democrat Hillsborough 04 Nay
Daniels, Gary Republican Hillsborough 06 Yea
Daugherty, Duffy Republican Coos 01 Yea
Davenport, Joshua Republican Rockingham 12 Yea
Day, Russell Republican Hillsborough 07 Nay
DeJong, Cameron Republican Hillsborough 09 Yea
DeLemus, Susan Republican Strafford 01 Yea
Deloge, Helen Democrat Merrimack 12 Nay
DeSimone, Debra Republican Rockingham 06 Yea
DeStefano, Stephen Democrat Merrimack 13 Nay
Devine, James Republican Rockingham 07 Nay
DiPentima, Rich Democrat Rockingham 16 Nay
Doherty, Shaun Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Domingo, Baldwin Democrat Strafford 05 Nay
Donovan, Daniel Republican Hillsborough 02 Yea
Dowling, Patricia Republican Rockingham 05 Nay
Drisko, Richard Republican Hillsborough 05 Not Voting
Duarte, Joe Republican Rockingham 01 Yea
Dwinell, Richard Republican Cheshire 05 Nay
Eaton, Stephanie Republican Grafton 01 Not Voting
Elliott, Robert Republican Rockingham 04 Yea
Emerson, Susan Republican Cheshire 07 Nay
Emerton, Larry Republican Hillsborough 07 Yea
Erickson, Duane Republican Hillsborough 25 Yea
Ferrante, Beverly Republican Rockingham 05 Yea
Fesh, Robert Republican Rockingham 05 Yea
Fields, Dennis Republican Belknap 02 Yea
Flanagan, Jack Republican Hillsborough 05 Yea
Flanders, Donald Republican Belknap 04 Yea
Fleck, Joseph Republican Carroll 05 Yea
Foose, Robert Democrat Merrimack 01 Nay
Frazer, June Democrat Merrimack 10 Nay
Fredette, Robert Republican Hillsborough 01 Yea
Gagne, Larry Republican Hillsborough 13 Yea
Gagnon, Raymond Democrat Sullivan 04 Nay
Gandia, Laura Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Garcia, Marilinda Republican Rockingham 04 Yea
Gargasz, Carolyn Republican Hillsborough 05 Yea
Garrity, James Republican Rockingham 06 Yea
Garrity, Patrick Democrat Hillsborough 14 Nay
Gidge, Kenneth Democrat Hillsborough 24 Nay
Gile, Mary Democrat Merrimack 10 Nay
Gimas, John Democrat Hillsborough 12 Nay
Ginsburg, Philip Democrat Strafford 07 Nay
Gionet, Edmond Republican Grafton 03 Yea
Giuda, J. Brandon Republican Merrimack 07 Yea
Goley, Jeffrey Democrat Hillsborough 08 Nay
Gonzalez, Carlos Republican Hillsborough 17 Not Voting
Gorman, Mary Democrat Hillsborough 23 Nay
Gould, Franklin Democrat Grafton 11 Nay
Graham, John Republican Hillsborough 18 Yea
Grassie, Anne Democrat Strafford 01 Nay
Greazzo, Phil Republican Hillsborough 17 Yea
Greemore, Robert Republican Belknap 03 Yea
Griffin, Mary Republican Rockingham 04 Yea
Groen, Warren Republican Strafford 01 Yea
Haefner, Robert Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Hagan, Joseph Republican Rockingham 07 Yea
Hamm, Christine Democrat Merrimack 04 Not Voting
Hansen, Peter Republican Hillsborough 06 Yea
Harding, Laurie Democrat Grafton 11 Nay
Hardwick, Harry Republican Hillsborough 02 Yea
Hatch, William Democrat Coos 03 Nay
Hawkes, Samuel Democrat Cheshire 03 Not Voting
Hawkins, Kenneth Republican Hillsborough 18 Yea
Headd, James Republican Rockingham 03 Yea
Hess, David Republican Merrimack 09 Yea
Hikel, John Republican Hillsborough 07 Yea
Hill, Gregory Republican Merrimack 06 Yea
Hinch, Richard Republican Hillsborough 19 Yea
Hoell, J.R. Republican Merrimack 13 Yea
Hoelzel, Kathleen Republican Rockingham 02 Yea
Hofemann, Roland Democrat Strafford 06 Nay
Hogan, Edith Republican Hillsborough 25 Yea
Hogan, Timothy Republican Hillsborough 23 Yea
Holden, Frank Republican Hillsborough 04 Yea
Hooper, Dorothea Democrat Strafford 05 Nay
Hopper, Gary Republican Hillsborough 07 Nay
Horrigan, Timothy Democrat Strafford 07 Nay
Howard, Thomas Republican Sullivan 02 Yea
Hunt, John Republican Cheshire 07 Yea
Hutchinson, Karen Republican Rockingham 03 Yea
Hutchinson, Winfred Republican Hillsborough 09 Yea
Infantine, William Republican Hillsborough 13 Yea
Ingbretson, Paul Republican Grafton 05 Yea
Introne, Robert Republican Rockingham 03 Yea
Itse, Daniel Republican Rockingham 09 Yea
Janvrin, Kevin Republican Rockingham 14 Nay
Jasper, Shawn Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Jeudy, Jean Democrat Hillsborough 10 Nay
Johnsen, Gladys Democrat Cheshire 03 Nay
Johnson, Jane Republican Cheshire 06 Yea
Jones, Kyle Republican Strafford 01 Yea
Jones, Laura Republican Strafford 01 Yea
Kaen, Naida Democrat Strafford 07 Nay
Kappler, Lawrence Republican Rockingham 02 Yea
Katsakiores, Phyllis Republican Rockingham 05 Nay
Katsiantonis, Thomas Democrat Hillsborough 15 Nay
Keane, Thomas Republican Merrimack 13 Yea
Keans, Sandra Democrat Strafford 01 Nay
Kidder, David Republican Merrimack 01 Nay
Kingsbury, Robert Republican Belknap 04 Yea
Knox, J. David Republican Carroll 04 Nay
Kolodziej, Walter Republican Rockingham 04 Yea
Kotowski, Frank Republican Merrimack 09 Yea
Krasucki, Joseph Republican Hillsborough 26 Yea
Kreis, Kenneth Republican Merrimack 06 Yea
Kurk, Neal Republican Hillsborough 07 Yea
LaCasse, Paul Republican Sullivan 04 Yea
Ladd, Rick Republican Grafton 05 Nay
Lambert, George Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Larsen Schultz, Kirsten Republican Strafford 02 Yea
Lauer-Rago, Kathleen Republican Merrimack 02 Yea
Laware, Thomas Republican Sullivan 05 Nay
LeBrun, Donald Republican Hillsborough 26 Yea
Lefebvre, Benjamin Democrat Sullivan 01 Nay
Leishman, Peter Democrat Hillsborough 03 Nay
Leonard, Frederick Republican Strafford 01 Yea
Lerandeau, Alfred Democrat Cheshire 06 Nay
Levasseur, Nickolas Democrat Hillsborough 11 Nay
Lindsey, Steven Democrat Cheshire 03 Nay
Lindsley, Mark Republican Merrimack 05 Yea
Lockwood, Priscilla Republican Merrimack 06 Nay
Long, Patrick Democrat Hillsborough 10 Nay
Lovejoy, Patricia Democrat Rockingham 13 Nay
Lovett, Charlene Republican Sullivan 04 Yea
Lundgren, David Republican Rockingham 03 Yea
Luther, Robert Republican Belknap 04 Yea
MacKay, James Democrat Merrimack 11 Nay
MacMahon, Bruce Republican Rockingham 10 Yea
Major, Norman Republican Rockingham 08 Yea
Malone, Robert Republican Belknap 05 Yea
Maltz, Jonathan Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Manuse, Andrew Republican Rockingham 05 Yea
Marcus, Bruce Republican Hillsborough 03 Yea
Mauro, Donna Republican Rockingham 04 Yea
McCarthy, Frank Republican Carroll 01 Yea
McCarthy, Michael Republican Hillsborough 21 Nay
McClarren, Donald Republican Hillsborough 21 Yea
McConkey, Mark Republican Carroll 03 Yea
McDonnell, John Republican Merrimack 07 Yea
McGuinness, Sean Republican Hillsborough 20 Yea
McGuire, Carol Republican Merrimack 08 Yea
McGuire, Dan Republican Merrimack 08 Yea
McKinney, Betsy Republican Rockingham 03 Nay
McMahon, Charles Republican Rockingham 04 Yea
Meader, David Democrat Cheshire 03 Nay
Mecheski, Holly Republican Hillsborough 01 Yea
Merrick, Evalyn Democrat Coos 02 Nay
Merrow, Harry Republican Carroll 03 Yea
Messier, Irene Republican Hillsborough 17 Nay
Millham, Alida Republican Belknap 05 Nay
Mirski, Paul Republican Grafton 10 Yea
Moody, Marcia Democrat Rockingham 12 Nay
Moore, Charles Republican Cheshire 07 Yea
Moore, Robert Republican Cheshire 01 Yea
Moran, Edward Republican Hillsborough 18 Yea
Munck, Philip Republican Strafford 02 Yea
Murphy, Brian Republican Rockingham 18 Yea
Murphy, Keith Republican Hillsborough 18 Yea
Nevins, Chris Republican Rockingham 15 Yea
Newton, Clifford Republican Strafford 01 Yea
Nordgren, Sharon Democrat Grafton 09 Nay
Norelli, Terie Democrat Rockingham 16 Nay
Notter, Jeanine Republican Hillsborough 19 Yea
O'Brien, William Republican Hillsborough 04 Yea
O'Connor, John Republican Rockingham 05 Yea
O'Connor, William Republican Strafford 03 Yea
Ober, Lynne Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Ober, Russell Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Ohm, Bill Republican Hillsborough 26 Yea
Okerman, Richard Republican Rockingham 04 Yea
Oligny, Jeffrey Republican Rockingham 08 Yea
Osgood, Joe Republican Sullivan 04 Yea
Owen, Derek Democrat Merrimack 04 Nay
Packard, Sherman Republican Rockingham 03 Yea
Palfrey, David Republican Merrimack 02 Yea
Palmer, Barry Republican Hillsborough 26 Yea
Palmer, Stephen Republican Hillsborough 06 Yea
Panek, William Republican Strafford 03 Yea
Pantelakos, Laura Democrat Rockingham 16 Nay
Parison, James Republican Hillsborough 03 Yea
Parkhurst, Henry Democrat Cheshire 04 Nay
Parsons, Robbie Republican Strafford 03 Yea
Pastor, Beatriz Democrat Grafton 09 Nay
Patten, Betsey Republican Carroll 04 Yea
Patten, Dick Democrat Merrimack 11 Nay
Peckham, Michele Republican Rockingham 13 Yea
Pellegrino, Tony Republican Hillsborough 19 Yea
Pelletier, Marsha Democrat Strafford 05 Not Voting
Pepino, Leo Republican Hillsborough 11 Nay
Perkins, Amy Republican Rockingham 14 Nay
Perkins, Lawrence Republican Rockingham 14 Nay
Perry, Robert Democrat Strafford 03 Nay
Peterson, Lenette Republican Hillsborough 19 Yea
Pettengill, Laurie Republican Carroll 01 Yea
Pierce, David Democrat Grafton 09 Nay
Pilliod, James Republican Belknap 05 Nay
Pilotte, Maurice Democrat Hillsborough 16 Nay
Pitre, Joseph Republican Strafford 03 Yea
Porter, Marjorie Democrat Hillsborough 01 Nay
Potter, Frances Democrat Merrimack 10 Nay
Powers, James Democrat Rockingham 16 Not Voting
Pratt, Calvin Republican Hillsborough 07 Yea
Proulx, Mark Republican Hillsborough 15 Nay
Quandt, Marshall Republican Rockingham 13 Nay
Quandt, Matt Republican Rockingham 13 Nay
Ramsey, Peter Democrat Hillsborough 08 Nay
Rappaport, Laurence Republican Coos 01 Yea
Read, Robin Democrat Rockingham 16 Nay
Reagan, John Republican Rockingham 01 Yea
Reed, Dennis Republican Merrimack 02 Yea
Reed, Michael Republican Hillsborough 26 Yea
Reichard, Kevin Republican Rockingham 05 Yea
Reilly, Harold Republican Grafton 08 Yea
Remick, William Republican Coos 02 Nay
Renzullo, Andrew Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Rhodes, Brian Democrat Hillsborough 22 Nay
Rice, Chip Democrat Merrimack 12 Nay
Rice, Frederick Republican Rockingham 15 Yea
Richardson, Gary Democrat Merrimack 04 Nay
Richardson, Herbert Republican Coos 02 Nay
Richardson, Jon Republican Merrimack 08 Yea
Ritter, Glenn Republican Rockingham 14 Yea
Robbins, David Republican Hillsborough 26 Nay
Roberts, Jenna Democrat Strafford 07 Nay
Roberts, Kris Democrat Cheshire 03 Nay
Rodeschin, Beverly Republican Sullivan 02 Yea
Rokas, Ted Democrat Hillsborough 12 Not Voting
Rosenwald, Cindy Democrat Hillsborough 22 Nay
Rowe, Robert Republican Hillsborough 06 Yea
Russell, David Republican Belknap 06 Yea
Sad, Tara Democrat Cheshire 02 Nay
Sanborn, Laurie Republican Merrimack 05 Yea
Sanders, Elisabeth Republican Rockingham 07 Yea
Sapareto, Frank Republican Rockingham 05 Nay
Sapienza, Marie Republican Rockingham 08 Yea
Scala, Dino Republican Carroll 05 Yea
Schlachman, Donna Democrat Rockingham 13 Nay
Schmidt, Andrew Democrat Sullivan 01 Nay
Schmidt, Peter Democrat Strafford 04 Nay
Schmidt, Stephen Republican Carroll 04 Yea
Schroadter, Adam Republican Rockingham 12 Yea
Scontsas, Lisa Republican Hillsborough 22 Not Voting
Seaworth, G. Brian Republican Merrimack 07 Yea
Sedensky, John Republican Rockingham 08 Yea
Seidel, Carl Republican Hillsborough 20 Yea
Serlin, Christopher Democrat Rockingham 16 Nay
Shackett, Jeffrey Republican Grafton 08 Yea
Shaw, Barbara Democrat Hillsborough 16 Nay
Sheffert, Kenneth Republican Rockingham 15 Yea
Shuler, Wyman Republican Rockingham 11 Yea
Shurtleff, Stephen Democrat Merrimack 10 Nay
Silva, Peter Republican Hillsborough 26 Yea
Simard, Paul Republican Grafton 08 Yea
Simmons, Tammy Republican Hillsborough 17 Yea
Simpson, Tyler Republican Belknap 01 Yea
Smith, Edwin Republican Cheshire 04 Not Voting
Smith, Molly Republican Merrimack 09 Yea
Smith, Steven Republican Sullivan 05 Yea
Smith, Suzanne Democrat Grafton 07 Nay
Smith, Todd Republican Merrimack 09 Yea
Smith, William Republican Rockingham 18 Yea
Soltani, Tony Republican Merrimack 08 Not Voting
Sorg, Gregory Republican Grafton 03 Yea
Soucy, Connie Republican Hillsborough 17 Yea
Souza, Kathleen Republican Hillsborough 11 Yea
Sova, Charles Republican Grafton 10 Yea
Spainhower, Dale Democrat Strafford 02 Nay
Spang, Judith Democrat Strafford 07 Nay
Sprague, Dale Democrat Strafford 02 Nay
St. Cyr, Jeffrey Republican Belknap 05 Nay
Stepanek, Stephen Republican Hillsborough 06 Yea
Sterling, Franklin Republican Cheshire 07 Yea
Stroud, Kathleen Republican Hillsborough 19 Nay
Sullivan, Daniel Democrat Hillsborough 08 Nay
Sullivan, James Republican Rockingham 01 Yea
Sullivan, Kevin Republican Rockingham 15 Not Voting
Summers, James Republican Hillsborough 26 Yea
Swank, Matthew Republican Hillsborough 17 Yea
Swinford, Elaine Republican Belknap 05 Yea
Sytek, John Republican Rockingham 04 Yea
Tamburello, Daniel Republican Rockingham 03 Yea
Tasker, Kyle Republican Rockingham 01 Yea
Tatro, Bruce Democrat Cheshire 06 Nay
Taylor, Kathleen Democrat Grafton 02 Not Voting
Terrio, Ross Republican Hillsborough 14 Nay
Theberge, Robert Democrat Coos 04 Nay
Tholl, John Republican Coos 02 Nay
Thomas, Joseph Republican Hillsborough 19 Not Voting
Thomas, Yvonne Democrat Coos 04 Nay
Tilton, Franklin Republican Belknap 04 Yea
Tobin, William Republican Belknap 02 Yea
Townsend, Charles Democrat Grafton 10 Nay
Tregenza, Norman Republican Carroll 02 Yea
Tremblay, Marc Republican Coos 04 Nay
Tremblay, Stella Republican Rockingham 03 Yea
Tucker, Pamela Republican Rockingham 17 Yea
Twombly, Timothy Republican Hillsborough 25 Yea
Ulery, Jordan Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Umberger, Karen Republican Carroll 01 Yea
Vaillancourt, Steve Republican Hillsborough 15 Yea
Villeneuve, Moe Republican Hillsborough 18 Yea
Vita, Carol Republican Strafford 03 Yea
Vita, Lucien Republican Strafford 03 Yea
Waddell, James Republican Rockingham 15 Nay
Wall, Janet Democrat Strafford 07 Nay
Wallner, Mary Jane Democrat Merrimack 12 Nay
Ward, Joanne Republican Rockingham 13 Yea
Warden, Mark Republican Hillsborough 07 Yea
Waterhouse, Kevin Republican Rockingham 04 Yea
Watrous, Rick Democrat Merrimack 12 Nay
Watters, David Democrat Strafford 04 Nay
Webb, James Republican Rockingham 05 Nay
Weber, Lucy Democrat Cheshire 02 Nay
Weed, Charles Democrat Cheshire 03 Nay
Weeden, Michael Republican Strafford 06 Yea
Welch, David Republican Rockingham 08 Nay
Weyler, Kenneth Republican Rockingham 08 Yea
White, Andrew Democrat Grafton 11 Nay
Whitehead, Randall Republican Hillsborough 26 Yea
Willette, Robert Republican Hillsborough 06 Yea
Williams, Robert Democrat Merrimack 11 Nay
Winter, Steven Republican Merrimack 03 Yea
Worsman, Colette Republican Belknap 03 Yea

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