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Obama's job: Talk, talk, talk

December 12. 2011 6:31PM

If you want to know why President Obama spends so much time talking instead of diligently working to turn the economy around, he gave the answer on Sunday night.

In an eye-opening interview on '60 Minutes,' the President said the word 'job' 12 times. Seven of them were in reference to his own job or that of his attorney general. Three of them came in this statement:

'It is my job to put forward a vision of the country that benefits the vast majority of Americans. It is my job to make sure that my party is behind those initiatives, even if sometimes it's breakin' some china and goin' against some of the dogmas of our party in the past. We've done that on things like education reform. And it's my job to rally the American people around that vision.'

Nothing has better summed up Obama's view of a President's responsibilities. It can be shortened to one word: talk.

That is all a President has to do to 'put forward a vision,' get his own party behind it, and 'rally the American people' around it. And that is almost all Barack Obama has done since taking office. He is a rhetorical President.

At the end of his '60 Minutes' interview, he expressed, with more rhetoric, how he intends to campaign for reelection next year.

His message: 'That reversing a culture here in Washington, dominated by special interests, it was gonna take more than a year. It was gonna take more than two years. It was gonna take more than one term. Probably takes more than one President.'

That is his pitch. Unable to run on his record, he will run on precisely the same theme he employed in 2008: vague, empty promises to oppose special interests and Washington culture. The President who is all talk will continue to do nothing but talk. There will be no real solutions, no substantive, credible plan to return America to prosperity - merely more words that cast Obama as the lone hero doing battle with faceless villains in black hats and expensive top coats.

'The one thing I've prided myself on before I was President, and it turns out that continues to be true as President: I'm a persistent son of a gun,' the President said. 'I just stay at it. And I'm just gonna keep on stayin' at it, as long as I'm in this office.'

That is why he should not remain in office. Persisting in error is one of this President's defining characteristics. Persisting in the delusion that 'inequality' is the root of America's ills is the defining theme of his presidency. Extending that presidency to two terms would prolong for eight years the misery we should not allow to linger beyond four.


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