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Joseph W. McQuaid: Romney will say anything

New Hampshire Union Leader Publisher

December 29. 2011 10:15PM

Mitt Romney says he would endorse Ron Paul for President, should that extremely dangerous man somehow win the Republican nomination. Asked the same question, Newt Gingrich says no, that it has become clear that Paul is outside the mainstream thinking of most Americans.

Pressed by CNN's Wolf Blitzer about Paul's extremist views on a nuclear Iran and the safety of Israel, Romney said this week he would 'vehemently oppose' many of Paul's initiatives but still endorse him, believing 'we would be able to move him in a direction that is more productive.'

Romney doesn't believe this, of course. He is saying what he thinks will help him win. If that means ignoring the increasingly clear picture of Ron Paul's bizarre views and record, so be it. Romney chooses to soft-pedal Paul right now because he hopes Paul in Iowa will keep Gingrich in check.

Romney even tried to invoke Gingrich in defending his support of Paul, saying that Gingrich had said 'any' of the GOP hopefuls would be better than Barack Obama. That is what is known as damning with faint praise on Gingrich's part. It is a far cry from endorsing a man who would be the most radical nominee in Republican history.

Be sure to read today's editorial page, where even the left-leaning Los Angeles Times praises Gingrich for his candor on Ron Paul.


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