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January 25. 2012 1:01PM

Wednesday headlines


Will the Costa Concordia become an oil-spill disaster? UNH scientist says yes
All this is threatened by the ship's fuel: about 2200 tonnes of heavy fuel oil and 185 tonnes of diesel, held in 17 tanks. Both fuels contain toxic compounds, says Nancy Kinner of the University of New Hampshire in Durham. Animals that ingest them may die, or suffer long-term harm that affects their ability to reproduce.

Massive galaxies experienced huge starbursts in early universe
“This is the first time that we've been able to show this clear link between the most energetic starbursting galaxies in the early universe, and the most massive galaxies in the present day,” said team leader Ryan Hickox at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire.

The Dartmouth: Student accuses fraternity of hazing outrages
“I was a member of a fraternity that asked pledges, in order to become a brother, to: swim in a kiddie pool full of vomit, urine, fecal matter, semen and rotten food products; eat omelets made of vomit; chug cups of vinegar, which in one case caused a pledge to vomit blood; drink beers poured down fellow pledges' ass cracks; and vomit on other pledges, among other abuses,” Lohse told The Dartmouth.

A permanent solution to pet overpopulation
Peter Marsh, a New Hampshire attorney and founder and director of Solution to End Overpopulation of Pets located in New Hampshire, has worked diligently in his state and to share down-to-earth ideas on how the problem can be solved or at least brought under control.

NH keeping/attracting more college graduates than it's exporting
New Hampshire (Net gain of 519, as 4,902 left and 5,421 arrived.), that number was the fifth lowest among the gaining states.

Portsmouth Herald: Stay Work Play aims to retain college graduates
NH is retaining more brains than it is exporting, but only marginally so. We're near the bottom of the pack of gaining states.

'Space hurricane' from the sun sweeping over our planet
"For parts of Europe already, and further points to the east, we should expect to see strong magnetic storm conditions," astrophysicist Harlan Spence, the director of the University of New Hampshire's Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space, told "There's a very good chance tonight that we'll be seeing some very strong auroral displays. Typically auroras occur at relatively high latitudes, but for events like this, you could get auroras down at mid- to low latitudes."

New Boston UXO cleanup efforts near completion
These digs garnered the discovery of tons of unexploded munitions and scrap from years of use as a bomb range.

Fees rising as GED program transitions from nonprofit to for-profit
GED is slated to change from a nonprofit enterprise to a program administered by a for-profit company, Pearson LC - a British conglomerate that owns everything from publishers such as Penguin, Prentice Hall and Financial Times Group to educational and testing enterprises (including Amherst-based National Evaluation Systems).

Judge: NH city's sex offender ordinance not lawful


NH's Untha Recycling Technology finds green in the grind
It's newly redesigned shredders are suited for wet and dry applications, such as processing e-scrap, wood and plastics.

Breed a New Hampshire Red with a Skalborg and you get a 'Hellevad' good chicken
MBL is a protein that binds to sugars on the surface of pathogens. When this happens, the immune system is activated and starts the fight against the pathogens. The Hellevad hybrid has two to three times the level of MBL in its blood than other breeds.

WSJ: Angel investors play big role for start-ups, think tank says
Of the $8.9 billion in total investments by angels in the first half of 2011, 39% went into seed and start-up ventures, up from 26% of $8.5 billion in total investments over the same period in 2010, according to data from the University of New Hampshire's Center for Venture Research. It hasn't yet released data for 2011's second half.

NH-based group merges Facebook with charity in "Adopt a Family Project"

Bloomberg: To shop smart, patients need to know price of care
A similar effort to increase price transparency in New Hampshire also had little effect. Simply posting prices online doesn't seem to do all that much.

Nashua Telegraph: Nashuan eyes moose T-shirt success

NHBR: Senate bill seeks to ban drinking games at bars

NH-based chocolatier L.A. Burdick opening second location in Back bay

Landowners sue Maine town over wind ordinance
Madden and the Allens in 2010 leased their parcel of land on the mountain to a small, New Hampshire-based wind developer, Eolian Renewable Energy.

NH posts largest one-month gain in construction jobs

Forbes: Who pays for college tuition? Top factors for divorcing women to consider
New Hampshire one of the few states where a parent isn't compelled to pay for a child's college tuition following a divorce.


WWI sailor awarded Purple Heart 96 years later
On a grey winter's day along the coast of New Hampshire, recognition for sacrifice came to a local man nearly 100 years after he perished aboard Coast Guard Cutter Tampa during World War I. The Wyman family was unaware their relative was aboard Tampa that fateful day. With the help of Ayotte's staff and the Coast Guard, the award was able to be presented years later in Wyman's home state of New Hampshire.

NH laywer directs online film 'Bighorn', which explores General Custer's New England Patriots Super Bowl connection
"I remember saying that my next film would be simple and easy," laughs Catalfo, a New Hampshire personal injury attorney by day. "The next thing I know I'm directing Custer's Last Stand with mounted cavalry charging, soldiers firing period weapons, arrows flying, and a very ornery herd of buffalo -- on film with a $5000 budget."

BIGHORN from Alfred Thomas Catalfo on Vimeo.

Van Halen premiering new song on CSI tonight
Earlier this week, Van Halen added three more shows to their North American tour; new dates include Manchester, New Hampshire; University Park, Pennsylvania; and St. Louis, Missouri.

Cool gig for NH ice sculptor - the Hotel Vermont Ice Bar

Show stars a real-life serial killer
Tonight, it's the unsolved case of “The Valley Killer,” a prolific serial murderer who killed at least seven women in New Hampshire and Vermont. His method? Stabbing — sometimes more than 40 stab wounds per victim.

NYT: Barnstead's Captain Huse gives the Confederates ‘Old-Fashioned Hell'
“I would bring to this Reunion the dying message of a typical ‘soldier son' of our grand old town, delivered to me in the hospital at New Orleans, after months of suffering following the battle in which he was fatally wounded. In the face of certain death, he said: ‘It's all right, Captain. Tell my friends at home I fell right under the old flag, and that is glory enough for me.'”

World-Famous landscape photographer Peter Lik Opens new gallery on Las Vegas Strip
Lik photo titled 'One' of the Androscoggin River in Coos County sold for $1M

Gay NH bishop to officiate wedding for Sex in the City actress Cynthia Nixon, who says she is gay by choice


NH Supreme Court - 2012 3JX Final Orders
Portsmouth Avenue Residential Development, LLC v. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as Receiver for Butler Bank - Decision for plaintiff affirmed


Bill would restore gun rights to those convicted of non-violent crimes
"In our criminal justice system, we rely on the ideal that a person convicted is corrected by time in jail," Manuse told the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee yesterday. "Once a person has served his time, that person should be considered to have paid their debt and all their rights should be restored. Our Constitution requires this."

Legislation would ease dairy rules
Farmers say excessive red tape keeps them from being able to sell enough products in addition to milk to turn much of a profit.

Former Dover City Manager Paul Beecher quits position in South Hadley, Mass.
Before hiring Beecher, town officials became aware of reports that he had been terminated from his previous job in Arizona because he OK'd a severance package for a former employee without informing the council there. He also came under fire in New Hampshire, according to published reports, for approving a 10-year contract with the police chief that many saw as overly generous.

Maine Gov. LePage's State Of The State speech holds low tax NH up as an example

Fitch Withdraws Ratings on New Hampshire Muni Bond Bank 2005 Resolution Bonds
After receiving and incorporating additional loan pool information from NHMBB regarding interceptible state aid, Fitch has determined that the interceptible state funds are insufficient to replace the credit quality of many of the borrowers with that of the state based on Fitch's 'Rating Guidelines for State Credit Enhancement Programs.'

NH School Transportation Assoc. watching bills


Romney may already be flip-flopping on the carried interest tax rate

MSNBC: Disclosing the homes of Mitt Romney

The Atlantic: JFK's re-election advice for Obama from beyond the grave
When the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library on Tuesday released the last 45 hours of White House recordings secretly taped by JFK, it offered a startling reminder that not much has changed for the Democrats, no matter our assumptions about living in special and even historic times.

Mark Shields: The refreshing candor of Fritz Hollings
Hollings was that rarest candidate who dared to tell voters the unvarnished truth as he saw it. No panderer he, candidate Hollings went before the New Hampshire primary to that state's Ivy League school, Dartmouth College, where he told his privileged student audience: "I want to draft everyone in this room for the good of the country." The crowd was silent. Not, he explained, the "old Vietnam-style draft, where if you had enough money, you were either in college or Canada." Why? "Conscience tells us that we need a cross-section of Americans in our armed forces. Defense is everybody's business ... everybody's responsibility."

NYT: The Tax Deduction Mitt Romney did not take
But, oddly, there was one strategy that Mr. Romney did not use — a full deduction for health insurance premiums that is available to most self-employed people. It is on Line 29 of the Internal Revenue Service's Form 1040 income tax return. On Mr. Romney's return, the line appears blank.

Rick Santorum glitter-bombed by Occupy protesters in Florida

******************************************************************* decries NH Food Freedom Bill aimed at ending hegemonic federal oversight of food
"Any official, agent, or employee of the government of the United States, or employee of a corporation providing services to the government of the United States that enforces or attempts to enforce a federal act, order, statute, rule or regulation of the government of the United States upon a foodstuff labeled 'Made in New Hampshire' shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor."

Laurence Cohen: Analysis of Bigfoot's win in NH Supreme Court
At the risk of brain explosion, the public is invited to read the legal arguments and Supreme Court opinion in the Bigfoot case, which will lead you down the path to legal Hell. Is Mount Monadnock a nonpublic forum, or a limited public forum, or a traditional forum, or an especially unusual forum, or not much of a forum at all? You're free to venture an opinion, whether or not you're wearing a funny costume. Something about "freedom of speech."

Owner of greyhound injured racing at Seabrook critical of Skechers, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for Super Bowl ad
"He was severely injured on the track while racing at Seabrook Greyhound Park in Seabrook, New Hampshire (which is now closed permanently). Once injured, and no longer a financial asset he was thrown into a cage, left for three days without treatment until the rescue group came along to save him. There was great expense involved with his rehabilitation, which the owner and the track refused to pay."

Boston Globe - David D'Alessandro: As governor, Romney was a bulldog for jobs
When Romney is wearing a public office hat, CEOs have to contend with a knowledgeable, formidable capitalist who doesn't scare easily and places employment at the very top his priorities.

NYT Room for Debate feature takes up new NH law allowing parents a say in what is taught

For the Right - Cato Institute's Neal P. McCluskey: One Size Does Not Fit All
The law in New Hampshire is one way of dealing with reality. It is an effort to allow parents or children who want or need something different to get it. It's a nearly immovable escape hatch – parents would have to pay to develop their preferred curricula, while schools could potentially face overwhelming demands to furnish personalized learning – but it at least acknowledges that one size does not fit all.

For the Left - Century Foundation's Richard D. Halenberg: Public schools have a public purpose

Washington Times - Hicks: Disgusted parents 'occupy' the classroom
It's almost as if the New Hampshire legislature respects the authority of parents to make decisions about the education of their minor children. Weird, right?

Yahoo - Greg Wyshynski: Why the Boston Bruins should shoulder blame for Tim Thomas White House mess

Mitt Romney discloses contributions to antigay groups
Tax returns unveiled by Mitt Romney today show contributions to two antigay organizations, including one that campaigned against a transgender rights bill by implying trans people are sexual predators.


Sporting News: Red Sox's new tight-fisted mentality shouldn't fly at Fenway

Ballpark Digest: Ottawa puts off ballpark decision
Technically, this can't happen until the team's current affiliation deal with the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (Class AA; Eastern League) ends. Teams cannot arbitrarily shift affiliations in the midst of a current PDC. So Ottawa citizens waiting for an announcement of a shift of a Toronto affiliation may be waiting awhile, though it certainly makes sense and will probably happen.

Canaan joins Whelen All-American Series, late models highlight Saturday night show at NH oval

The NH Angle