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January 31. 2012 3:17PM

Brady Carlson finds NH people interesting

Brady Carlson 

Brady Carlson, 35

Home: Concord
Birthplace: Macomb, Ill.
Family: married to Sonya (Budach) Carlson since 2000. Our son Owen was born in March 2011. We had twins in 2009, Graham and Georgia Carlson, who were born prematurely and did not survive.
High school: Downers Grove North High School, Downers Grove, Ill.
College/post grad degrees: Master of arts in visual and media arts from Emerson College, Boston, 2005; B.A. in social science from Benedictine University, Lisle, Ill., 1998
Current job: Host, All Things Considered, and digital host at New Hampshire Public Radio.
Key past positions held: Webmaster, New Hampshire Public Radio (2005-2011); childrens librarian, Villa Park, Ill. (2000-2002)
Volunteer activities: helping to organize a Concord Media Makers group in the capital region
Most admired person (outside your family): probably my sixth-grade teacher, Mrs. Arlene Langley. She was extremely smart, extremely honest and extremely kind – a combination that's still hard to beat.
Key current professional challenge: How to combine the best of “traditional” journalism and radio with the best of interactive and social media – in short, to build a show that has the reach of a large newsroom and the heart of a startup.
Last major achievement: Baby Owen is the best achievement ever. Professionally, I'm very proud to have served as a host of NHPR's live coverage on primary night.
Biggest problem facing New Hampshire: One that comes to mind (though probably not the biggest problem) is this: New Hampshire's reputation as not that exciting for twenty- and thirty-somethings - makes it hard for those of us who are here to cross paths and connect.
Favorite place in New Hampshire: Flume Gorge, in Lincoln. Aside from being a fascinating and gorgeous natural site, it's also got the best origin story – a 93-year-old woman goes out fishing and essentially stumbles upon it – and no one believed her. (Ageism in action?)
What book are you reading now? I read mostly history books. The latest is “A Treasury of Foolishly Forgotten Americans: Pirates, Skinflints, Patriots and Other Colorful Characters Stuck in the Footnotes of History” by Michael Farquhar.
How do you relax? Each Saturday the family and I head to a neighborhood coffee shop and hang out – no phones, no gadgets, just enjoying each other's company. Or, in the baby's case, smiling at everybody he sees.
What websites do you visit most often? Primarily blogs about culture and the web: Boing Boing, Mashable, The Presurfer, etc. My guilty pleasure is advice columns; I really enjoy Meredith Goldstein's “Love Letters” for the Boston Globe.
Favorite TV show, radio station or musical artist: TV show: Wipeout – people falling down for an hour, what could be better? Radio Station: aside from mine, I like WSPS, the station at St. Paul's School in Concord. Musical artist: John Lee Hooker

CONCORD - Brady Carlson keeps his pulse on what New Hampshire thinks.

He takes measure as host of “All Things Considered” on New Hampshire Public Radio, as digital host of the station's Web operations and as the humorous brain behind his own offbeat humor website.

“I think New Hampshire is swarming with people ... (who) don't even know how interesting they are,” Carlson said. “People don't often think of themselves as experts, yet there's so much they know and they're passionate about.”

The Concord resident recalled interviewing a teacher and comic artist who took a trip to his native land of Slovakia. “He just started to notice there was this thousand-year history in comic art,” Carlson said.

“There's so much under our noses hiding in plain sight,” he said. “If we could all find a way of sharing that, we could all learn something.”

Carlson, 35, helps share their stories with listeners and followers, whether hosting on the radio or surfing the Internet.

As digital host, he swaps the verbal word for the cyber world.

“My goal is to go where the action is online, the same way a State House reporter is going to go to the State House,” Carlson said. “Where the culture is evolving in New Hampshire, I'm trying to be there to interact and listen and learn.”

The Illinois native finds people are eager to participate.

“They tend to see those situations not just as problems but come up with ways of dealing with the problem,” Carlson said. “They say, ‘Look at what they're doing in this town.'”

This April will mark the 10th anniversary of his blog at

“It's sort of a look at offbeat culture,” Carlson said. “I spent the entire year of 2000, I watched every show of ‘The A-Team' and live blogged every episode.”

Asked what he will be up to in 10 years, Carlson said: “I would hope I'd be doing the same kind of thing I'm doing now. I don't know what forms it would take. I think the thing that draws me to what I do both on the air and on the Web is I get to interface with really interesting people kind of all day every day.”

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