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February 01. 2012 2:09PM

Wednesday headlines


Air Force punished workers for blowing whistle on mistreatment of body parts of dead troops
An earlier investigation report released last November, the Office of Special Counsel said it had found "gross mismanagement" at the Dover facility, where small body parts of U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan were lost on two occasions.

Seacoast's top pensioners are named, dozens paid more than $70K a year, more than triple the average
The highest pension paid to a retired Seacoast public retiree, appearing fourth on the statewide list, is former Portsmouth Police Chief Michael Magnant, who collected a pension of $116,705.28 last year. Magnant retired in July 2009 and took advantage of a now-expired city benefit that allowed him to collect $117,963 in unused sick and vacation time, which was used to calculate his end-of-career average.

Crackdown on prescription fraud in Fla. may drive pill billies to NH for supply
With tougher laws expected to be imposed in Florida, we will likely see an increase in travel by narcotics dealers to states such as New Hampshire, which currently has no monitoring program being enforced.

Keene officer's sting nets conviction of NY pedophile for child porn, facing up to 40 years behind bars
Because Leonard Allen, 45, of Fulton, NY, has a prior sex offense involving a minor enhanced penalties apply.

Kevin McGregor trial: Closing arguments underway in Boulder murder trial

Manchester driver flees, citizen points, police catch man in Tenn.

Laconia man charged with beating death claims state playing games to avoid speedy trial


Financial effect of Super Bowl XLVI projected Sunday’s upcoming football game between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants to generate $10.1 billion in Super Bowl-related spending.

Watchdog: Auto insurers overcharging the poor

Hanover-based Hypertherm unveils new fiber cutting lasers
The New Hampshire based company's reputation for metal cutting innovation dates back more than 40 years, to 1968, with Hypertherm's invention of water injection plasma cutting.

Vicente Capital Partners invests in VXi Corporation
VXi offers best-in-class corded and wireless headset solutions designed specifically for high-noise environments. " "It's rare to find a team of this caliber who's been able to successfully navigate a dynamic and highly competitive market during an economic downturn and still achieve a tremendous amount of growth."

Shutdown of Gulf of Maine cod fishery feared as managers consider new stock assessment in Portsmouth

Cocheco Millworks slated to become apartments in Dover

Cocheco Massacre - The death of the colonial forefather of the mills along the Cocheco River in Dover
"Richard Walderne may be most famous for the way he died. Local native women were allowed into the garrisoned homes of the settlers when they requested to stay the night of 27 June 1689, and, after all was still, stealthily opened the doors to waiting armed native warriors. "In one bloody afternoon, a quarter of the colonists in what is now downtown Dover, NH were gone – 23 killed, 29 captured in a revenge attack by native warriors. In one afternoon, 50 years of peaceful co-existence between the Pennacook tribe and European colonists ended. The massacre of 1689 entered the history books ...."The sword-wielding elderly Walderne, once disarmed, was singled out for special torture and mutilation."

Facebook IPO: Mark Zuckerberg's journey from coder to billionaire Silicon Valley tycoon by the age of 27
Mr Zuckerberg graduated from a private high school in New Hampshire in 2002 and went straight to Harvard University to study psychology and computer science, which was already both a passion and a source of income.


SNHU student's latest suicide/depression awareness happening - Group boxing lessons for women
“I decided to team up with Striking Beauties for this event after meeting owner, Dena Paolino, at the second annual Walk for Hope in August,” Caruso said. “Dena attended the walk with her family and we discussed how Striking Beauties helps participants to find their inner strength - a similar goal for the Walk for Hope.”

Nasa's IBEX spacecraft picks up interstellar 'alien' particles in our solar system
'In the beginning there was only hydrogen and helium,' Eberhard Moebius, a University of New Hampshire professor and IBEX team member at Los Alamos, said. 'These two elements formed the first stars. When those stars collapsed and died, they spewed their material, including new elements created through the process of nuclear fusion, out into space. We can tell a lot about the evolution of our universe and perhaps gain insight into other galaxies and planetary systems by analysing these particles.'

NH native and poet Donald Hall profiled by former MLB commissioner

Retrospective on J.D. Salinger
His death redoubled interest in his formidable body of work, with depleting its stock of his most famous titles. Salinger is gone, but his stories live on.

Bretton Woods the perfect cure

SNHU's Mitch Wieland named 2012 NEA Literature Fellow


NHPUC approves Unitil request to end reporting requirements for pension and post-retirement benefits other than pensions


Ayotte comments on Congressional Budget Office report
"CBO's projection is the latest warning that we need bold action to stabilize our debt crisis. With four straight years of $1 trillion-plus budget shortfalls, running the highest deficits since World War II, Congress can't keep punting on the tough decisions. Republicans and Democrats got us into this mess, and it will take both parties to end Congress' addiction to deficit spending. That starts with performing the simple task of passing a budget - something the Democrat-controlled Senate hasn't done in more than 1,000 days."

Erie official gets reprive, but only for a week - IRS says the retired welder and tax protester owes $2.1M
The law is clear, he said, that once a person adopts a legal strategy in a tax case and then has a judgment against him, he cannot ask for a "do-over." He noted that even in recent negotiations between him and Andrezeski, Beeman has continued to conceal assets, including a $17,000 account and five acres he owns in New Hampshire under a shell corporation.


Same week White House bucks birther challenge in Georgia, DNC wants anti-abortion candidate Randall Terry off ballots
Democrats are upset that since federal law requires television and radio stations to run ads by a legally qualified candidate for public office within 45 days of a primary or election, Terry has been given an open door. Randall Terry has met the legal requirements to be a write-in candidate for Democratic primaries in states such as New Hampshire, Missouri, Oklahoma and Illinois.


The NH House is “a bunch of part-time real-estate agents throwing monkey feces at a wall” says Comedy Central blogger


Ex-Wildcat Bobby Butler’s drought now at 12 games for Ottawa Senators

Brady not thrown off by the rush of media

Curling: New Hampshire wins 7-5 to advance at 2012 USA Junion Curling National Championship
Pool play continues through Thursday, with the top four advancing to Friday’s Page playoffs.

Fisher Cats coach's help 'a godsend for Illinois team
Former major league catcher and New Hampshire Fisher Cats coach Sal Fasano, who has lived in Minooka the past seven years, was considering giving lessons, anyway.

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