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February 24. 2012 1:24PM

Friday headlines - NH news from the web


NH man accused of shooting wife while cleaning gun

Teachers make NH students wait in line for handouts as lesson about Great Depression

Designer drugs pose grave threat says police officer

UNH Veterinary Diagnostic Lab threatened by budget cuts
Located in Kendall Hall at the University of New Hampshire, the NHVDL researches and monitors animal diseases. The lab assists both the N.H. Commissioner of Agriculture and the State Veterinarian.

Assault victim released from Portland hospital
Detectives are interviewing witnesses and working with New Hampshire police as they try identify the attacker, Burpee said.

NH servicemen among 78 to dine at White House
New Hampshire: Army Staff Sgt. Anthony J. Ranfos.
New Hampshire: Marine Corps Capt. Stephen M. McNeil.

Voters asked to give Bartlett teachers large raises
If the new contract is approved March 6, the teachers will receive $5,400 in salary increases as well as $2,000 in stipends over the next two years. That will bring one teacher's salary to over $80,000 excluding benefits while five will be over $75,000. The state's average salary for starting teachers with BA degrees was $33,603, excluding benefits, in 2010-11.

Wesley Woods Group Knits, Crochets scarves and hats for Liberty House Residents
The Liberty House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, located at 75 West Baker Street in Manchester, offers first-transitional housing, medical, and job assistance for homeless vets in New Hampshire.


NH-based ThinkSound - Review of ms01 in-ear headphones
The company had launched in December 2009 and had already produced a couple of headphone models (the Rain and Thunder, both of which we reviewed) the TS02 were my first exposure to the brand and, likewise, to a line of headphones with eco-friendly, sustainable practices at the center of their design.

NU closes 2011 slightly ahead of 2010's take
Public Service Company of New Hampshire's (PSNH) distribution and generation segment earned $18.1 million in the fourth quarter of 2011 and $76.2 million for the full year of 2011, compared with $17.8 million in the fourth quarter of 2010 and $69.3 million for the full year of 2010. Improved 2011 results reflect the impact of a distribution rate increase effective July 1, 2010, and higher generation-related earnings, partially offset by higher operation, depreciation, pension and tax expenses.

Speedway Motorsports earnings call March 7

Aroma Joe's Coffee to replace popular downtown Durham bar Ballards
Aroma Joe's, which is known for its Red Bull flavors, reached an agreement with Gangwer to lease the entire building. Aroma Joe's will be open to hiring students. This will be their 14th location in southern Maine and New Hampshire.

NH entrepreneur puts his faith in a Ghost
"It's up to them (users) just how fast they want to adapt this new technology," Sancoff said. "We have been in discussions about making a 150-foot version. There are so many applications, even down to pleasure craft size. We plan to build a major company here."

Irwin Hyundai dealership moving to new home on Union Ave., Laconia on Monday

NHBR: NH reportedly courts another N.Y. company


Call for aspiring young filmmakers: Swede Fest New England to be held at Sant Bani School in Sanbornton
Swede Fest is the only film festival dedicated to “sweded” films. A sweded film is a summarized, low-budget recreation of a popular movie, starring you. The term comes from the 2008 film "Be Kind Rewind" directed by Michel Gondry, and in his words "Your film doesn't have to be good, it's not a competition. It's for people to make a movie and watch it."

‘Say It Ain't So, Joe' based on Palin-Biden debate on CD
The recording was finally scheduled for June 2011. Since budget was a major consideration, Hughes decided to move the sessions out of Boston. He has family in New Hampshire and through them found a church in Hebron that would let him record in its basement, and a nearby summer camp that wasn't being used, where some of the musicians could stay.

Book Review: The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone
By comparing indicators of health and social status in 23 of the world's richest nations and in individual U.S. states, they conclude that the societies with the narrowest income differentials — such as New Hampshire or Japan — fare markedly better.

Officials seek to save falls boats on U.S. side of Niagara Falls
"It's one of the reasons we came back today,” said Mike Small, whose family rode the boats five years ago and decided to return to the city from New Hampshire. “[Without it], I don't think we'd bother to make the trip to the U.S. side.”


Steven Ford v. NH DOT - Affirmed
The plaintiff, Steven Ford, appeals orders of the Superior Court (Nadeau, J.) dismissing his negligence claims against the defendants, Town of Windham (Town) and the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (DOT).

Jason Antosz v. Doree Allain - Reversed and remanded
CONBOY, J. The plaintiffs, Jason and Jennifer Antosz, appeal an order of the Superior Court (McHugh, J.) granting summary judgment in favor of the defendant, Doree Allain. We reverse and remand.

NHSUPCO 3XJ Decision - The Meadow at Moody Point Homeowner's Association, Inc. v. Walter W. Cheney - Affirmed in part; reversed in part, remanded.
Until the Developer sells a building space, the Developer is the owner of all of the building spaces within the development. In light of the Developer's October 2005 declaration, the Developer is the owner of at least eight building spaces to be used for duplex buildings. The number of members entitled to vote, therefore, as of October 2009 was at least twenty-three. Accordingly, the fifteen-member vote did not constitute two-thirds of the members entitled to vote and was insufficient to amend the bylaws.


Breakdown in trust on Carroll County Commission - Commissioner alleges someone broke into file cabinet, opened sealed letter Audio: Will Iran Get Nukes?
Article is illustrated with an 1970s advertisement from American nuclear power companies, including PSNH, advocating nuclear power plants in Iran.

Republicans Poised to Make Gains in Governors' Races Across the Nation

Democrats on defense in governors' races

Colleges across nation brace for end of legal pretext for discriminating against non-protected classes
“In a country with so many different racial and ethnic groups, it becomes more and more untenable for institutions to be sorting people based on their skin color and what countries their ancestors come from,” said Roger Clegg, president and general counsel of the Center for Equal Opportunity, a Falls Church, Virginia, nonprofit opposed to racial preferences.


Jon Huntsman says U.S. needs a viable 3rd party, thinks GOP lacks big ideas

Big Hollywood: Truth goes out the window in HBO anti-Palin film
"I briefly served as a volunteer speechwriter on the McCain-Palin campaign in 2008. I was never part of the inner circle, and even if I had “dirt” to dish, I wouldn't dare violate the confidentiality agreement I signed – even though that hasn't stopped some former McCain campaign aides from publicly blame Gov. Sarah Palin for everything that went wrong. But here's the truth about the McCain-Palin campaign, which HBO's upcoming “Game Change” film attempts to shroud in fanciful anti-Palin fiction: Palin carried the campaign."

******************************************************************* Lieberman edges U.S. to war with Iran
Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-NH, is a co-sponsor of the legislation, which urges the administration to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

The New Hampshire: UNH Greek Life's ‘transparent' move
How can she say that the move was about keeping the public informed and being "transparent" when the sanctions are so old that some of them the disciplinary actions have already expired? Recent weather in NH, elsewhere a harbinger of climate change
Since 2006, federally declared weather-related disasters in the United States have affected counties housing 242 million people – or roughly four out of five Americans.
Since 2006, weather-related disasters have been declared in every U.S. state other than South Carolina.


The Dartmouth: Ski team sisters compete together
Aside from enjoying enormous success on the slopes, the Dartmouth ski team has also cultivated something of a family tradition. The team has great chemistry, and this year it also boasts three pairs of sisters.

Port's Haaser leading Saints to NH playoffs
Playing for a New Hampshire Division II team comes with a challenge. As opposed to Massachusetts schools, the New Hampshire game has no shot clock. Standing as tall as he is, Haaser's defensive game makes him almost feel like a goalie without those 30 seconds ticking away.

Cayman Islands drag racer takes aim at April race at New England Raceway in Epping
Donald Francis, 22, runs a Honda Civic Type R

Skijoring growing in popularity around the nation
Skijoring works like this. Skiers hold a rope with one hand and a wand in the other. The rope is attached to an extremely enthusiastic horse. As the horse careens up the street through the snow — and they have plenty of snow — the skier is pulled along at speeds that call into question his or her sense of self-preservation.

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