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Biden's pitch: Republicans are rich!

February 25. 2012 10:05PM

The White House thinks New Hampshire's vote in this year's presidential election is up for grabs. It also thinks the person to grab it is Vice President Joe Biden, who has been sent to the Granite State repeatedly to make the administration's pitch. There is a joke in there somewhere, but you have to make it with an Indian accent.

Biden's message to New Hampshire voters goes something like this: Our economic plan is not working anywhere near as well as we thought it would, but at least we're not out-of-touch rich guys.

'What we did actually, actually is working; not enough, but a very, very significant march to total recovery,' Biden said during a Manchester speech on Thursday.

President Obama, who initially said that if he didn't fix the economy in his first term he would not get a second, now says it's going to take at least two terms to bring about recovery. Biden says recovery is just one long march away.

In addition to borrowing money from the Chinese, they're now borrowing imagery, too.

In New Hampshire, Biden has acknowledged that the administration hasn't achieved what it claimed it would achieve, but he says that at least Obama, unlike Mitt Romney, knows what it's like to struggle to pay his bills. Message: We might be incompetent, but Republicans are just a bunch of rich elitists, and who wants that?

This is from the Jan. 13 New York Times: 'For most of the past decade, blue-collar, white voters have been overwhelmingly in the Republican column. Mr. Obama did much better among them in 2008 than the previous two Democratic presidential candidates had done. But in the 2010 midterm elections, they flocked back to the Republicans.'

These are the people Barack Obama famously characterized as bitterly clinging to guns and religion.

No wonder the Democrats are busy pointing out how rich Mitt Romney is.

Needing something to distract voters from the administration's economic failures, incompetent budgeting and efforts to massively expand the federal government, Romney's wealth might be just the ticket.

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