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February 27. 2012 3:37PM

Monday headlines - NH news from the web


Third Conn. murder trial possible in 2004 slaying of NH scientist Eugene Mallove

Trial begins for man captured in NH charged with triple murder

NH pair charged in Maine bust of burglary ring

Explosion destroys 70% of Antarctic research station, killing two

After decades of despair, mentally disabled man finds happiness in East Dallas
The most extensive attempt to dig into Bob's life came from Lisa Johnson and Sebastian and Heather Lee, who collaborated on the 2010 documentary. The filmmakers journeyed to his home state of New Hampshire and talked to a score of people who knew him, including family members. When Bob Crawford was 8, his mother dropped him off at the New Hampshire School for the Feeble Minded. She never visited and stipulated that no other relative could do so. He told filmmakers that he was abused at the institution but refused to discuss details.

Portsmouth police chief retiring at age 51

Nashua sends bill for deceased teacher's unpaid health premiums to daughter
Janice Pelchat sits in her Amherst living room with two letters she recently received from the City of Nashua and the New Hampshire Retirement System asking her to pay back her mother's healthcare and pension payments for the month of December. Pelchat's mother passed away December 19, 2011.


Display Battle: Which Phones and Tablets Dominate in the Sun?
Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies in Amherst, NH, has made it his mission to suss out the best smartphone, tablet, HDTV, and multimedia displays from the worst with his Display Technology Shoot-Out series. Here, he tackles the best mobile screens under light. And the results may surprise you.

FairPoint comes closer to getting retail regulatory relief in NH
Arguing that there's a lot of competition in New Hampshire's telecom market, FairPoint believes that deregulation would help level the playing field to fight the growing base of CLECs and cable competition.

Creating Maker-friendly cities - Cities should encourage homebrew innovation and inspiration
One consequence of not getting this right is that a city shuts down a makerspace, which happened in Nashua, New Hampshire earlier this year, even as it funds economic development efforts to attract entrepreneurs. Cities should encourage this kind of "homebrew" innovation and inspiration, which is a healthy form of growth.

Nashua NH hackerspace, MakeIt Labs, Shut Down by City Plans to Re-Open

NH's UNIQUE College Investing Plan at $7B is one of top 5 529 plans in Q4

Top ten technologies the U.S. Army's Rapid Equipping Force is looking for
For those who have solutions, ideas can be submitted at BAA number W91CRB-11-R-0038.


Author revisits Valley Forge
That winter, General Putnam led more than 3,000 troops of the Continental Army into three separate valleys of north Redding, where they built temporary huts for protection against the elements and lived for six months—from Nov. 7, 1778 to May 25, 1779—before engaging the British that spring.

2013 U.S. Mint America the Beautiful Quarter will feature White Mountains National Forest

Joss Whedon filming in Exeter this week

Creator of UNH Wildcat to unveil latest cat commission in the UK
After requesting proposals from artists for the sculpture, artist Matthew Palmer was chosen to create the the 7-foot tall bronze wildcat. He previously created the University of New Hampshire wildcat and the Texas State bobcat. Jodi Picoult: This Week I'm ...
The author Jodi Picoult on what she's eating, visiting and reading this week, as her new book 'Lone Wolf' hits shelves.


3XJ Oral Argument List for March 15, 2012


Wyoming drawing up doomsday bill to plan for fall of the United States

GOP women want to elect more of their own through a conservative counterweight to EMILY's List
Some of the Republican Party's most prominent figures—including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, and Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire—are women, but their presence belies some dismal statistics. Only 24 Republican women serve in the House and five in the Senate, compared with the Democrats' 51 female House members and 12 senators. The GOP fares better in the statehouse: Four of the six female governors are Republicans.

NYT: Many states behind the curve on starting insurance exchanges
In New Hampshire, Gov. John Lynch, a Democrat, was eager to set up an exchange. But state legislators blocked the idea and forced the insurance commissioner to return $666,000 provided by the federal government for a state-run exchange. “If the federal government sets up an exchange here in New Hampshire, we will not be complicit,” said state Rep. Neal M. Kurk, a Republican.

NHPR Audio: N.H. GOP Moves To Revise State's Contraception Law


NBC's new electoral map shifts from toss up to strongly favoring Obama

Long, volatile race tests Mitt Romney's enthusiasm: ‘It's a very grueling process,' aide says

Intrade, where you bet on the political market
The 10,000-odd Intraders - mostly male and many of them poker players - place their bets on hundreds of real-world events framed as yes or no propositions. Their cumulative bets are reflected in the share price. When the outcome of a particular event is known, Intrade closes out the market. If they guess right, investors get $10 per share. If they don't, zero.

Family Leader members created super PAC to trumpet endorsement


Ayn Rand: The Tea Party's Miscast Matriarch
You can understand why I am skeptical that the Ayn Rand craze is a naturally occurring phenomenon. But then, I have the benefit of recently living for five years in New Hampshire with the Objectivists of the Free State Project, a group whose stated goal is to infuse 20,000 hyperactive political operatives into the state and take over government, gut public education and all regulations on business. This outfit seemed grassroots too – until I traced the funding of their founder, Jason Sorens, to Koch foundation largesse.

Judd Gregg: GOP needs substantive solutions


The Tao of Stieb
In 2009 and 2010, injuries conspired to keep him off the major league roster, while last season, a combination of injuries and a full roster pushed him off the 25-man squad and down to Las Vegas, New Hampshire and Lansing. This year, the pile-up of pitchers might even be worse, so Litsch will be hard-pressed to wedge his way into an airplane seat headed north come the end of March

Griffin: Blue Jays lefthander Evan Crawford sees opportunity, remains realistic

How Title IX Hurts Female Athletes
Dr. David Finkelhor, Director of the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire believes that the physical nature of sports can make them sexually charged. "There's tremendous intimacy in coaching situations, between men and girls," he says. "Young people are sexually attractive, and they don't turn that off in their interactions with adults."

Possible trade options for Bruins on deadline day
Daniel Winnik is a former University of New Hampshire star that has carved out a decent career in Phoenix and Colorado.

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