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March 05. 2012 2:27PM

Monday headlines - NH news from the web


Alleged synagogue bomber claims he was in NH volunteering for Ron Paul when attack happened
DiLorenzo said on Monday Aakash Dalal had been in New Hampshire volunteering with the Ron Paul campaign at the time of the attacks.

Rye, NH resident rallies for shutdown of post office
"We don't need two post offices in Rye. You can shut one down," says Steven Borne who is behind a warrant article that directs the town's selectmen to formally request one of the post offices be closed. Borne doesn't see the sense in running two branches in town when U.S. Postal Service is closing so many elsewhere.

DNA found on shotgun belonged to murder victims at Slocum murder trial
A phone with DNA was found under the porch in New Hampshire where Slocum was allegedly hiding out after the July 13th murders and arson.

Teamster art handlers hold Dartmouth teach-in over jobs lost to outsourcing, students demand trustees end lockout
Four Teamsters art handlers held a teach-in Friday at Dartmouth College to inform students that they're not on strike, but have been kicked out of their middle-class jobs by a profitable company that caters to the very wealthy.

New Hampshire couple hurt in Virginia plane crash

Video: Witness testimony continues in Slocum trial in upstate N.Y.
The Washington County man is accused of shooting his mother, stepfather, and stepbrother before burning their house down in July. He then fled with his former girlfriend and their infant son before police caught up with them in New Hampshire.

Concealed carry app now available for Android

Mark A. Blount, who has ties to Belmont and Londonderry schools, and Trevor James Ebel, superintendent of Wilton schools are finalists for Mass. superintendent post

States loosening 'seat time' requirements
Only New Hampshire has required high schools to assign credits based on competency, rather than seat time, while others have encouraged schools to do that or allowed them to apply for waivers from state policy to do so.

NH corrections officer lauds use of taser in jail now
Our Department put Tasers on line last year. During the year we've been pleasantly surprised with one conclusion. We're fighting with inmates less.


PARMA Student Composer Competition Announced – Call for Scores

Crotched Mountain owner buys Ascutney high-speed quad
Sale could be a harbinger of doom for the troubled Vermont ski area.

Hasco buys closely held Ride-Away Handicap Equipment Corp of Londonderry, NH, which makes adaptive vehicles like vans with wheelchair ramps, etc. Has grown to 150 employees since pair began the firm in 1993.

User reports suggest Comcast is increasing upstream channel bonding activity
A review of a related discussion thread on DSLReports indicates that rollouts may be happening faster now in several parts of the country including California, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Channel bonding doesn't do anything to increase overall upstream capacity, but it does combine several channels to boost peak upstream speeds.

Bottomline Technologies of Portsmouth to buy Intuit business unit to serve finance institutions better
Bottomline will acquire the commercial banking business from Intuit's financial services segment when the transaction closes. Terms of the deal, which is expected to close within the next few weeks, were not announced.


Barenaked Ladies to give Animal House new music for Stage
The screenplay has been adapted by Douglas Kenney, Chris Miller and Harold Ramis - based on Miller's experiences as a student at the prestigious Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

Queen of Mississippi paddle wheeler made with NH spruce
“This is our first working paddle wheeler and the wheel was built entirely here at the shipyard. Made of spruce from New Hampshire and a steel frame, the wheel is 24 feet wide, with a diameter just under 20 feet. It weighs 33,000 pounds,” said Severn.

Snows of Mount Washington threatened by climate change? Global warming researchers say yes

******************************************************************* NH ordered to provide notice on Medicaid rates


New Hampshire Bill Would Move Petition Filing Deadlines to an Earlier Date, Effective This Year

Lynch signs law to prohibit public utilities from using eminent domain for projects not directly related to New Hampshire power needs
The new measures, signed into law by Lynch on Monday, prohibit public utilities from using eminent domain for projects not directly related to New Hampshire power needs, such as Northern Pass.

Gray to pitch for D.C. statehood at GOP convention
It's unclear what Gray has planned for Tampa to try to gain some of the spotlight in late August. But he surely hopes to avoid a repeat of his disastrous statehood trip to New Hampshire in January, where GOP legislators grilled him and D.C. Council members for hours about the city and whether it was constitutional for it to be made a state.

Seabrook selectman Brendan Kelly seeks U.S. House seat

Ayotte sees off F-15 deployment of 104th Fighter Wing of the Mass. Air National Guard

Opponents of New Hampshire push poll law find political ally
The Marketing Research Association (MRA) reports that Rep. David Bates contacted the organisation over the weekend “seeking our assistance in fixing his state's misguided ‘push poll' law”. Representative Bates is chairman of the New Hampshire House Election Committee. The MRA says that he “aims to amend the law to protect research”.


Can Romney Win All Of The Delegates In Mass.?

Romney campaign directs more than $1.7 million to state officials
In New Hampshire, which hosted the second primary, $105,000 went to local politicians, the most of any state.


NH Watchdog: Court determines NH “highly likely” to have broken Federal Medicaid Law
The hospitals have filed suit claiming that a series of rate reductions going back to 2008 violated federal law because state officials did not give providers and patients fair warning, and did not take into account how cutting back on reimbursement rates would affect the quality and availability of Medicaid services

Keene Sentinel: A bill to speed up reporting of campaign donations in New Hampshire merits support


Dartmouth rugby headed to the Caymans
March is certainly going to be a green month in Cayman, not least because of the St. Patrick's Day frivolities but because Dartmouth College Rugby Football Club is making its way to our shores to play a total of 6 games over a 1 week period.

Blind NH man prepares to hike into the record books this weekend

Where Should Ellsbury Hit in the Lineup?

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